Corn Syrup in Baby Formula


Baby formulas can be made differently, and as a parent, it is your job to be able to read and know what makes up the baby formula that you are choosing for your precious little one. With the many types of formula that have surfaced on the market, it might be not very clear for you to choose and be familiar with the ingredients that should be in your baby’s formula milk.

Many parents pay a lot of attention to making sure that their kids have little to no sugar in their formula milk or their diet in general. But when you look at the most famous and trusted brand, they have one thing in common: sugar. They often come as syrup solids, glucose syrup, and the most common one, corn syrup. This post will give you some answers on why corn syrup is present in your baby’s formula milk and if it is something you should be worried about. If you want to read more about corn syrup in baby formula, then read on.

Corn syrup – What you need to know

Corn syrup is sugar, and it is a food syrup created from the starch of corn. Depending on how much the corn starch has been broken down, the relative sweetness score may range from 23 to 40. They are also known as glucose syrup and are commonly added to various food products to enhance flavor, humectant and prevent sugar crystallization. Experts say that corn syrup is unnecessary in baby food, but there are still reasons it is being added.

Sugars in the formula – Why is there corn syrup in baby formula?

It is a common instinct that parents automatically read the ingredients and nutrition facts of the baby food or baby formula they are picking. Corn syrup is a sugar, and sugar is a carbohydrate; that is why they are added to baby formula. Sugar can be an essential addition to formula milk since it is a carbohydrate that is easily digested. Babies will need something im their milk that can give them the energy they need and easily digest it.

Corn syrup is the most commonly used sugar in baby formulas since they are widely available, easy to obtain, and inexpensive. Baby formula will need a sugar of some sort to mimic breast milk; therefore, it is necessary. There is no need to worry since corn syrup is recognized by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration as a safe ingredient. This has been added to most formula milk as a form of carbohydrate, which is essentially fuel for the human body. Additionally, corn syrup has been tested and shown in clinical studies and has proven to support average growth and development in infants.

If you are choosing to buy hydrolyzed or partially hydrolyzed formulas, corn syrup is usually being utilized because the process of hydrolyzation can cause the proteins to add a funky taste and odor to the formula, and corn syrup is supposed to mask it and make the formula milk taste like breast milk or taste better.

Can corn syrups be used in infant formulas?

Based on the discussion above, corn syrup can be used in infant formulas, and there are reasons it is being done. Corn syrup is FDA-approved and is essentially safe for consumption. Aside from improving the taste and adding sweetness, corn syrups can provide a source of easy-to-digest carbohydrate, which is vital for child growth. Corn syrups are also cheaper that is why they are widely used. And trust us, babies typically want something a bit sweet and pleasing to the palate, and corn syrup basically does the trick, especially for hypoallergenic or hydrolyzed infant formulas.

Baby formulas that do not use corn syrup

Europe, for some reasons, has banned the use of corn syrup; that is why their milk formulas are typically free from corn-based sugars or corn syrup. The top and most famous European brands of infant formulas are the Holle, Lebenswert, and Hipp formula. Similac, Baby’s Only, The Honest Co., and Earth’s Best also created Organic versions of their infant formulas that have been declared to be free from corn syrup as well as palm olein oil.

So, if you have decided to let your child have formula milk free from corn syrup, you have some options. It is also essential that you have your little one checked if you are unsure what type of infant formula you should get.

Is corn syrup bad for your baby?

As mentioned, corn syrup has been proven safe and FDA-approved, so it is not meant to be wrong or harmful for your babies. However, suppose there are any specific or medical reasons why your child should be doing away with added sugars or corn syrup from their diet. In that case, you have the liberty of choosing those infant formulas that are free from those ingredients. Here are some reasons why corn syrup might not be allowed to be included in your baby’s diet:

Possibility of obesity

Nutritionists have addressed that a common reason why younger children grow obese is corn syrup. However, keep in mind that every child has a different metabolic rate, which might not apply to all. If you notice that your little one has gained more than what an average weight gain should be, immediately consult your pediatrician.

Health concerns and existing health conditions

If your child has a high blood sugar than usual, giving them formula milk with added sugar is not a good idea. They are also other health conditions that can contribute to faster blood sugar elevations and even dental cavities. To check, you must consult your pediatrician.

Lactose may be more ideal for some babies.

Some babies might want formula milk with lactose. This type of sugar is also recommended since babies have a digestive system designed in both biological and physiologic ways to digest lactose easily. This is why the Europan commission banned corn syrup and required infant formulas that utilize lactose as a primary carbohydrate source.

The use of corn syrup in baby formula for sensitive or hypoallergenic needs

As mentioned above, corn syrup has been widely used in sensitive or hypoallergenic formulas. This is because these type of formulas are meant for lactose intolerant babies, so they replace lactose with an excellent alternative carbohydrate. Additionally, corn syrup might be necessary for hypoallergenic formulas because the hydrolyzed milk proteins in this particular type of formula do taste and smell bad. Corn syrup can help your babies enjoy their milk without taking in all the bad taste and smell; your babies would not have to go through that.

Final thoughts

Parents will always want what is best for their little ones, and that is a fact. Choosing the perfect and the best infant formula‘ can be a bit of a challenge, but once you know what your child wants and what works best for them, it will eventually get easier. You can always choose the formula that would fit both your precious little one’s wants and needs. Nowadays, it will not be too hard for you to pick the best infant formula since there are already tons of options in the market. You just need to pick the one that will make your baby happy cause we all know that a happy baby makes a happy mommy and daddy too!