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Welcome to Urban Mamas! The place where you will find anything and everything there is about motherhood! Any parent knows that kids do not come with instructions. That is why you need to find relevant and helpful information on parenting and kids, which is why Uran Mamas is here to provide you with that.

Urban Mamas will provide you with the information you need about pregnancy and an introduction to becoming a mom. If you have concerns about feeding your baby, whether you are nursing or formula-feeding, Urban Mamas will provide you with what you need! There is also plenty of information you need to do with baby care and safety, and you will find it on this site.

In addition to that, you know that your kids need to involve themselves with activities to help them thrive and expand. Besides, the last thing that any parent wants is a bored child!  Urban Mamas has the information and ideas on fun activities for infants, toddlers, elementary-school-aged kids, and pre-teens.

Urban Mamas provides you with a rich knowledge base that provides you with useful parenting tips and advice written by parenting veterans and experts. If you are wondering what the best baby and childcare products there are, look into the hands-on review section. Whatever parenting advice you need, Urban Mamas has it for you!



Are you looking for fertility tips and other ways to help you conceive? Then the pregnancy section of Urban Mamas is the place to go for that. On the flip side, if you discovered that you are newly pregnant and don’t know what to expect, then this is the category for you. You will also find out what to expect during the first, second, and third trimesters. In addition to that, if you worry about experiencing any type of pregnancy complication, this section can provide you with the insight you need for that. Remember to call your doctor if you suspect something is out of the ordinary with your pregnancy, as Urban Mamas is an informational site, not a medical site.

Intro to Being A Mama

One of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in the world is being a mom! Whether you are entering your fourth trimester or postpartum period with your first baby or your baby is entering toddlerhood – you need advice on what to expect. This category is the one that will provide you with the advice and insight you need because every mom needs that. Remember one thing too. Each new milestone that your baby hits throughout childhood and life, the parents do too!

Nursing & Feeding

Fed is best. Whether you decide to nurse or formula-feed your baby, you will need advice and insight for making feeding a hassle-free and pleasant experience for you and your baby. You will learn tips on pumping, traveling with breast milk or formula, freezing breast milk, and making the transition from breast milk to formula. Are you worried about your infant handling baby food? In this category, you will learn tips on feeding your baby solids too.

Baby Care & Safety

The one who can provide you with medical advice on baby care is your OBGYN, midwife, or infant’s pediatrician. However, if you are looking at general baby care and safety information, this section is the place for that. For example, are you worried about bathing your baby safely, as well as safe traveling with your baby, co-sleeping, and babyproofing your home? That information is here!

Hands-on Reviews

If you are expecting and unsure of the best brands of baby furniture, crib mattresses, toys, and car seats to buy, this section will provide you with that insight. The same goes for high chairs, booster seats, and other infant and toddler apparatus. Every product reviewed by the Urban Mamas contributors meets the current safety guidelines.

Fun Activities For Kids

The last thing that parents want is that their infants, toddlers, and young children don’t have proper mental and physical stimulation. Boredom can lead to challenging behaviors, and too much boredom is not helpful to a child’s development. This section will learn about fun activities such as arts and sports for infants, toddlers, elementary-school-aged kids, and preteens. That is because moms cannot possibly think of every activity they can give their kids.

Knowledge Base

Are you looking for advice and insight on what milestones to expect by age? Do you want to know how to make your kids like bedtime or bathtime better? The knowledge base is the section for that! Is your child going through a new phase? You can find information about that in this category. This section is the go-to area for parents looking for advice and tips on most aspects of parenting and child behavior.

Who We Are

The establishment of Urban Mamas emerged from an idea that a pumping working mom had one day. And she invited a doula, a lactation expert, and a daycare worker who is also an early childhood educator to contribute to the site. The information you read on this site are the rich creations from those who know to parent, baby care, and child care very well.