About Us

Parenting is complicated and confusing, and children do not come with instructions. That is why Urban Mamas is here to provide insight for parents on baby care, toddler care, and child care, and parenting. The idea of the establishment of Urban Mamas was from a working mom who pumps for her baby. She discovered a doula, a lactation expert, and a daycare worker who is also an early childhood educator to contribute to the site’s elite and helpful content. They write content that covers every aspect ranging from pregnancy to parenting pre-teens.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring mom and are looking to get pregnant, you can learn about tips to increase fertility. If you are pregnant, you can learn about what to expect during all stages of your pregnancy. Once you enter your fourth trimester or your postpartum period, you will know about newborn care and what to expect to experience as a new mom.

Whether you choose to formula-feed or nurse your infant, you can find infant feeding information on Urban Mamas too. You’ll find tips and advice on pumping, Every parent has safety concerns when it comes to sleeping, bathing, and baby or childproofing, and you will find safety information here too.

Since safety is a significant concern for you, you will want to know about the best brands of baby furniture, cribs and mattresses, toys, and other apparatus for babies and toddlers. You can read the hands-on reviews written by the contributors to Urban Mamas because they would never recommend products that they won’t use for their kids to you!

Chief Editor

Desiree Delgado

Desiree Delgado was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She always had an interest in business and marketing and took the marketing program at the McCombs School of Business, which is part of Texas’s University. After graduation, Desiree worked in several marketing firms and specialized in SEO and social media marketing. She loved to work but also wanted to have a family of her own. While she worked at one of her marketing firms in Dallas, Desiree got married. She also got pregnant quickly and made arrangements for childcare as Desiree wanted to keep working.

After Desiree delivered her son, she wanted to nurse him. Once she was getting ready to return to work, she began pumping. She only wanted her son to have liquid gold. Desiree fell in love with being a working mom that she wanted to create a baby and childcare resource site for moms, which is behind the establishment of Urban Mamas. Since Desiree didn’t have the time to write all of the content herself, she found a lactation expert, a daycare worker and ECE, and a doula to contribute helpful and engaging content. When Desiree is not working and being a mom, she reads romance novels and watches plenty of dramedies.

Natalie Langston

Natalie Langston was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Her passions for her life goals did not begin after she had her first baby. Before that, Natalie worked as a secretary at a dental office, and once she discovered she was pregnant, Natalie began having several complications. That meant she had to take time off of work for several months. Unfortunately, her birth was also tricky, and Natalie felt that she lacked the support needed during her pregnancy and labor. That was the time when she made a vow not to allow other expectant mothers to struggle the way she did. That was Natalie’s motivation for becoming a doula.

When Natalie’s infant was a year old, she entered the International Doula Institute’s doula program. Within a short time after that, Natalie received her certificate, and it was not long after that she earned the reputation of being one of the kindest and effective doulas in the region. When Natalie is not working, she contributes valuable content to Urban Mamas and spends time with her husband, children, and Border Collie. Natalie also enjoys scrapbooking.

Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, and as a child, she showed an interest in cooking and nutrition. Jennifer attended the University of Alaska in Anchorage, took the Dietetics and Nutrition Program, and earned her Bachelor’s. After graduation, Jennifer got married and worked as a nutritionist. Not long after that, Jennifer got pregnant wanted to nurse her baby. After delivering her daughter, Jennifer encountered unforeseen problems with breastfeeding. However, she vowed to herself not to give up, and eventually, Jennifer succeeded.

Over time, Jennifer’s passion for breastfeeding grew, and she wanted to help other women overcome the issues that arose with it. Jennifer entered the International Breastfeeding Institute for training, and now, Jennifer is a lactation consultant who works with many new mothers that want to breastfeed. Today, Jennifer lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband, three daughters, and is a worthwhile contributor to Urban Mamas. Jennifer’s interests lie in genealogy, scrapbooking, and baking.

Tammy Richardson

Tammy Richardson was born in London, Ontario, Canada, and always had a knack for working with young children during her youth. She attended George Brown College in Toronto to take the Early Childhood Education program. After graduating and earning her diploma, Tammy moved to Toronto and worked in several daycare settings. She learned more about the complexities of childcare along the way.

Tammy does not have kids of her own yet, but she loves children, knows how to work with their behaviors, and understands the phases they go through. Tammy loves her job. She contributes helpful childhood behavior and toddler tips to various parenting forums, which is how Desiree found her. Tammy is a valuable contributor to Urban Mamas. She enjoys traveling, camping, and playing her piano during her spare time. One day, Tammy does hope to get married and to have a family of her own. When she does, she will have the advantage of knowing what tips and advice to utilize for her kids.