Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

Introduction You have probably wondered what the purpose is of baby teeth. The first set of teeth you end up with are also called milk teeth or deciduous teeth. They emerge in infanthood, and they begin falling out from the ages of six to 13 so that the adult teeth or permanent teeth take over. … Read more

Baby Finger Toothbrush

Overview There are many beautiful milestones to be excited about when caring for your baby, and one of those is their first tooth. Your little ones’ teeth may not appear at the same time, but once a little tooth pops out, that is a good enough reason to up your baby dental care game. We … Read more

How Long Does Baby Formula Last?

Formula Milk at Room Temperature We know how busy you, mothers, can be that you tend to prepare a batch of bottles at once. This is great if you are confident that your little one will be able to consume those bottles you prepared within two hours. We understand that you need keeping things on-the-go, … Read more

How to Sterilize Bottle Nipples

Introduction Most new parents stress about keeping feeding supplies squeaky clean, others get bothered on how to properly clean and sterilize them. But guess what? The sterilization and cleaning process is quite easy! In this article, we will be showing you different and most effective methods with discussions on how important the sterilization process is. … Read more

Baby Brezza Pro Troubleshooting

Overview If you have plans to buy a Baby Brezza Pro or already have one but are still confused about how things work, let us help you. The Baby Brezza is a formula maker designed to make every parents’ life a lot easier ultimately. This formula maker has been included in our review of the … Read more

Baby Bullet Recipes Your Babies will Love

Overview The Baby Bullet is one of the many items a parent needs when making healthy and tasty baby food. Parents who are working and very hands-on definitely need something to make baby food prep much easier. This baby food maker or blender is loved by many because of its ease of operation, and it … Read more

When Was Baby Formula Invented?

Introduction If you decide to formula-feed your baby, you are doing the right thing based on what you feel is the best thing to do. Breastfeeding is not for everyone, and that is okay since fed is always best. Sometimes moms are unable to breastfeed because of having to go on medications or for other … Read more

Baby Bullet – Do you need one?

Overview Purees are a staple in every baby’s menu and daily food, and it would greatly help if you have something to make pureeing a lot faster and easier. Being able to make your puree and baby food is heaven-sent since it saves you a lot of time and helps you be confident that you … Read more

Baby Hard Bottom Shoes

Overview Getting to look at your precious little one wearing their first-ever tiny and adorable shoes is not only cute and fun but very exciting as well. Some may look at shoes as accessories, but it is always more than that; baby shoes are made to protect the baby’s feet as they try and learn … Read more