When Should The Baby Hold The Bottle?

Introduction Once you know how to bottle feed a baby properly, you will begin to do it like a pro. And as you watch your baby evolve, such as sitting, crawling, and grasping toys, you will want to know when your baby begins to feed him or herself. Not when it comes to baby food, … Read more

How Often should you Replace Bottle Nipples?

Introduction Of course, you can never use the same bottle nipples for the whole year. Even if your baby’s bottle nipples are well taken care of, there is still a recommended time for bottle nipple replacement. There are two main reasons why bottle nipples should be changed or replaced, changing nipple sizesand during signs of … Read more

Baby Bottle Soap

Overview Keeping every baby bottle and other feeding items clean is very important. Newborns, babies, and even older kids still have an underdeveloped immune system. That means that you should keep everything they use, especially their baby bottles, squeaky clean. It is also equally important to keep their environment and things free from any germs … Read more

What To Do With Extra Breastmilk

Introduction There are plenty of moms who struggle with milk production, so they often have to utilize techniques to increase it. There are medications their care providers can prescribe, as well as safe supplements to take. However, many moms decide that the best thing to do for their situation is to put their babies on … Read more

What To Do With Baby Teeth?

Introduction Parents become sentimental when their infants cut their first teeth, and they also are emotional when they lose their baby teeth years later. Whenever a baby cuts their first teeth is a sign that the baby is growing. And when that baby grows into an older child that loses those teeth, it is also … Read more

AutoBrush for Kids

Overview Dental health is vital to everyone, including your kids, and it is not new that some parents may have a hard time deciding on how much dental care their children should need. We understand how parents want to do their best in preventing cavities and dental problems; however, some may do not want to … Read more

How To Use Breast Pump Bags

Introduction Many moms prefer and can breastfeed their babies. However, there is only so long they can stay at home with their babies if these moms work. Maternity leave does not last for very long. When the time comes for the breastfeeding mom to go back to work, that can be quite daunting to her. … Read more

AVENT Nipple Sizes and When to Change

The Avent Nipples AVENT nipples are undeniably the best ones out there; they have always been known to have high-quality feeding bottles and nipples. Avent Nipple Sizes There is a variety of nipple sizes with corresponding age recommendations and flow. Avent nipples are made of durable food-grade silicone that is comfortably soft, odorless, and tasteless. … Read more