How To Use Breast Pump Bags


Many moms prefer and can breastfeed their babies. However, there is only so long they can stay at home with their babies if these moms work. Maternity leave does not last for very long. When the time comes for the breastfeeding mom to go back to work, that can be quite daunting to her. What can she do to reduce the stress that she feels right before going to work? She will need to invest in a breast pump bag if she does not have one already.

A breast pump bag will be the very thing the mom will need to eliminate the stress of returning to work. That way, she won’t have to face so much pressure when pumping at work. There is a lot for these moms to learn when finding the right bag for them.

How To Choose The Right Breast Pump Bag

When choosing the right breast pump bag, the first thing to know is that you need one large enough to fit the breast pump you have. Most pumps will fit in any breast pump bag; however, if you have a hospital-grade one, you need a huge bag. Hospital-grade breast pumps will not fit into any bag.

Another thing to consider is that you want to make sure that the items you need to bring to work will fit into the bag. You also want the bag to have compartments for placing the items. Otherwise, the load you carry will be too heavy without even distribution of the things.

You will also want to make the consideration of how to carry the weight. The choices of breast pump bag types you have are either a tote bag or a backpack.

What Is The Difference Between The Tote And Backpack?

If you have many items to carry, such as your breast pump, bottles, laptops, and other things to work, you will want the backpack. If you hold a heavier load on your back, it will be easier to handle. The only thing with a pack is that it does not appear professional.

However, if you have fewer things to take with you other than the breast pump and bottles, you can use a tote. A tote appears more professional than a backpack, and it is easy to carry as long as you do not have too many items in there.

What Else To Look For In A Breast Pump Bag

Whether or not you end up with the tote or backpack, you want to have a durable and high-quality bag. You will want to research what the manufacturers offer as far as warranties and replacements are concerned.

You also want to find a bag that matches the style that you like. That also depends on your line of work. If you work in accounting, finance, or law, then you will want to have a breast pump bag that has a professional appearance. Black is a great color for that. However, if you work in a casual industry, you can get away with a bag with a fun design and color.

Now that you know what to look for based on your needs, there are other essential factors for looking for the right breast pump bag. You will want to make sure that the bag you purchase has insulated compartments for storing bottles if you wish.

The insulated compartments will keep the bottles of milk cold. However, if you don’t want to spend extra money on breast pump bags for insulation, then you can pack an ice pack in a compartment instead. Bear in mind; the ice pack can add more weight.

Speaking of packing the bags, let’s talk more about what to pack in a breast pump bag and how to do it.

How To Pack A Breast Pump Bag

The first thing to do is to know what you want to pack in your breast pump bag. Make a list, and gather the items. The things to pack are the necessities for yourself and your baby. That is why you know that you need to bring your breast pump and its parts, empty bottles and caps, a nursing cover or a blanket, a pumping bra, diapers, and pads. If the bag does not have insulated compartments, you need to pack an ice pack or a mini cooler.

You will then have to add the items you need, such as a laptop, a phone charger, snacks, and anything else you need. The next step is to know how to organize a breast pump bag tote or a backpack. Determine which compartments to place the items for pumping and nursing, for the baby, and yourself. Once you do that, you will have an easy time packing up the things you need without forgetting anything essential.


A scary thing for a working breastfeeding mom on maternity leave is going back to work. However, the good news is that is why breast pump bags exist. She does not have to leave her baby with anyone while she is away at work. Breast pump bags allow these moms to stay with their infants. That is why there are various pump bags to choose from – depending on how many items these moms require to take with them. They can invest in either the tote or the backpack with compartments. These breast pump bags make life so much easier for working breastfeeding moms so they can stay with their infants at work.