AutoBrush for Kids


Dental health is vital to everyone, including your kids, and it is not new that some parents may have a hard time deciding on how much dental care their children should need. We understand how parents want to do their best in preventing cavities and dental problems; however, some may do not want to overdo it.

With the modernized and more technical world we live in, it is not surprising that dental care has also taken up a notch. Electric and automated brushes have surfaced, and one of the most famous ones is the AutoBrush, and they can genuinely make brushing for kids a lot easier and faster. But the real deal is, can they work? Will they replace manual brushing for good?

What is AutoBrush?

The AutoBrush is famous for so many reasons. This automatic toothbrush is known to be a very convenient toothbrush because of its automated and electric features. The AutoBrush usually comes with cute and fun designs that your little ones will surely appreciate. It is made with antibacterial silicone brush heads shaped into a perfectly sized mouthpiece to fit your children’s teeth. The silicone bristles of the AutoBrush are known to be more hygienic compared to nylon brushes since they are not prone to bacterial growth. The AutoBrush is known to have different modes that include Care, Deep, Cleaning, and Massage. It also has light settings and an option for you to turn on music and help keep the tooth brushing an enjoyable one.

Does AutoBrush work?

AutoBrush is a good product, but experts do not recommend this product to replace manual brushing for good. AutoBrush provides a brushing system that makes teeth cleaning fun and easy for kids; however, this might not be as effective as a thorough brushing in a traditional way. If your kid has no problems when it comes to brushing two to three times daily using a traditional or electric toothbrush, then you might not need the AutoBrush at all.

The AutoBrush is not as thorough and brisk when it comes to brushing teeth; however, this can indeed be an excellent gateway brush. We understand how many kids can struggle to brush their teeth but do not worry since this is where AutoBrush can significantly help. The AutoBrush is a fantastic gateway brush since its fun, and easy mechanism can help your kids get into the habit of oral care. If your little ones are having a time getting the hang of brushing and looking after their oral health, then it is vital that you introduce them through the use of automated brushes that are fun, easy, and motivating as well.

The AutoBrush will also work for children with special needs and particular oral sensitivities, which will make it hard for them to brush their teeth traditionally. And this automated toothbrush can surely make brushing more fun and more manageable; however, to make brushing more efficient and effective, you will have to find ways to combine it with traditional brushing.

Using toothpaste with AutoBrush

You may use any toothpaste with AutoBrush, but you have to make sure that the toothpaste you are using is suitable for your kids. If you do not want to bother finding any suitable toothpaste, you can just buy the Kids Foaming toothpaste best paired with the AutoBrush.

Keeping your children’s teeth clean and healthy

To effectively start good oral health care for your children, you must start even before the first tooth will appear. You don’t need to use brushes immediately; instead, you have to make sure that their gums are clean using a clean and damp washcloth. This is crucial since you need to keep harmful bacteria away from your children’s gums to avoid further problems.

Additionally, to make things easy, it will help a lot if you introduce your kids to oral health care as early as you can. So that, when the time comes, they will be comfortable enough to clean and brush their teeth. To help them, you can start brushing with a baby toothbrush and a toothpaste that is safe for babies. Also, you should teach your kids to spit while brushing; generally, they learn it at the age of two. Remember that even if your child is accustomed to brushing their teeth, you should always supervise them to make sure they are brushing correctly and avoiding toothpaste ingestion.

Keeping your kids’ little teeth is always a priority since we would always want to avoid cavities. Cavities can be very painful and can cause so much pain, discomfort, and stress both for you and your little one. With the proper guidance and appropriate gateway tools such as the AutoBrush, maintaining your kids’ healthy and clean teeth should be a breeze.

Helping your children brush their teeth properly.

When it comes to establishing a routine, especially for your children’s health, you must guide them all the way. The same goes for teaching your little ones how to brush correctly and take care of their oral health in general.

It is a good way if you explain to them the importance of brushing and cleaning the teeth; this way, they will understand why they should be doing it in the first place. It will also help if you use fun and great products such as functional electric toothbrushes or an automated brush such as the AutoBrush to start with. Showing them how to brush appropriately through brushing your teeth will significantly help them as well. While brushing, you can guide your child’s hand so that they can understand the correct movements.

Also, remember to keep them safe always. Supervise your kids so that they will not swallow toothpaste, and don’t let them run around with a toothbrush or the AutoBrush in their mouths as it can lead to accidents as well. Always use the appropriate toothbrushes for your child’s age and needs.

Final thoughts

Indeed, technology is impressive, and it makes our lives a lot easier. However, there are traditional ways that the new ones can not replace. The AutoBrush is a tremendous help in helping those with special needs or children who cannot brush on their own. This product is truly beneficial as it can positively encourage healthy brushing habits. But, if you want to make sure that your children’s teeth are extremely clean, you need to pair them with the traditional brushing technique. We hope this post has truly helped you understand all there is to know about the AutoBrush.