10 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps in 2021

Spectra baby USA s1plus electric breast pump

Medela electric breast pump(pump in style)

Medela Freestyle breast pump

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As a nursing mother, an efficient breast pump is what you should give strong consideration to in the upbringing of your baby. Why? Breast pumps make great helpers in providing your baby with the benefits of breastfeeding. If you are a working nursing mother, breast pumps help you provide your baby with breastmilk even when you are not around. You can easily pump breastmilk any time to store for later uses. More so, breast pumps help improve the supply of your breastmilk if you have a low supply of milk. Breast pumps are also an excellent alternative for babies who cannot suckle or latch well.

Now, talking about hospital-grade breast pumps. They are the types of breast pumps that can effectively initiate and support breast milk pumping, used by multiple users safely and hygienically, and also can be used multiple times a day. These types of breast pumps usually are expensive and have great durability. Mothers love them!

The Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps Review

The best hospital grade breast pumps are reviewed below


Spectra baby USA s1plus electric breast pump

The Spectra baby USA s1plus is a top hospital-grade electric breast pump you can trust as a mother. While using this pump, you can be assured of safe and quality breastmilk pumping. The materialsareBPA-free of 250mmHg- this allows it to give you maximum breast pumping results. You get to pump your breast milk at the most productive rate possible, and also multiple times a day. The Spectra s1plus pump allows you to customize the pump settings to the mode which suits you the most. You get to adjust the rhythm and speed to suit yourself.

The pump has adjustable suction, which makes the flow of breastmilk from your breast more natural and efficient. It also has adjustable let-down and expression modes to further facilitate natural breast milk flow. You should also not be scared of bacteria or infection to your breast milk while pumping. And this is because the pump has backflow protection.

Key Features:

  • • Adjustable Let-down and expression modes
  • • Rechargeable Battery
  • • Backflow protection


  • •Brand: Spectra baby
  • •Model: Spectra baby USA s1plus electric breast pump
  • •Color: Blue and white
  • • It has a rechargeable battery for use without electricity
  • • 250mmHg suction strength for maximized breastmilk pumping
  • • Quiet and noise-free motor
  • • Night light feature drains the battery
  • • It is quite expensive; it is hospital-grade


Medela electric breast pump(pump in style)

The Medela electric pump in style is one of the fashionable and stylish hospital-grade breasts pump out there; in fact, one of the best hospital grade breast Pumps. The pump makes you look fashionable when you carry it around with its elegant tote bag carriage- this makes the carrying of your breast pump convenient anywhere you go. The pump then comes with a dual voltage for 110-240V.

As a hospital-grade breast pump, the Medela pump possesses a 2-phase expression technology, which makes the milk flow faster and effective. When you use the hospital grade breast pump medela as a mother, you can be assured of quality breastmilk pumping from this breast pump. Morse, pump components are BPA-free.

Key Features:

  • • 2-phase expression technology for better breast milk pumping
  • • Tote bag for stylish carriage
  • • Dual voltage for 110-240V for usage outside the USA


  • •Brand: Medela
  • •Model: Medela electric breast pump (pump in style)
  • • Dual voltage for usage outside the USA
  • • Includes two valves and membranes
  • • Included in the kit is a set of personal fit breast shields
  • Pumping tubes might develop moulds


Medela Freestyle breast pump

As a nursing mother, you do yourself a lot of favor by choosing the Medela freestyle breast pump. The breast pump has a double suction that allows you to maximize your pumping action, though you can choose to use it as a single pump. More so, it comes with personal fit breast shields of two sizes. It allows you to pump at maximum levels while ensuring your convenience and comfort.

The breast pump is lightweight, and it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can use on the go. It also features a digital display that you can customize, a timer, and even a backlight. You get to adjust the rhythm and speed of this pump through the customizable digital settings. Also, there is a stylish tote bag for carriage.

Key Features:

  • • Double/single hospital-grade pump
  • • Freestyle pump
  • • 1 medela cooler system including cooling elements


  • •Brand: Medela
  • •Model: Medela Freestyle Pump
  • • Freestyle pumping system for extra convenience
  • • Digital display
  • Might not be noise-free sometimes
  • The freestyle might not be straightforward to use


Medela Symphony Breast pump

Hospital grade breast pump medela- symphony is an excellent asset to nursing mothers; it’s among best hospital grade breast pumps! It comes with a 2-phase expression technology that facilitates the free and fast flow of your breast milk. The breast pump is easy to use and can be used multiple times a day while still maintaining maximum output.

Though this breast pump comes as a double pump, it can be used as a single pump by simply removing the second suction holes. It has overflow protection using its closed system function. Take note, and the breast pumping kit is separated from the pumping system to support overflow protection. Additionally, the suction system mimics the pattern of the baby’s suckling, although it can be adjusted to soothe the need of the user.

As expected it’s long-lasting and remains after efficient even after longterm use.

Key Features:

  • • Symphony breast pump
  • • Card/cord protector
  • • Innovative overflow protection system


  • • Brand: Medela
  • •Model: Medela Symphony breast pump
  • Overflow protection system
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • • It requires double pumping for better output


Hygeia Enjoye breast pump

The Hygeia enjoye cordless breast pump is one unique electric hospital-grade breast pumps. It has an internal battery, which would last you up to 4 hours on a full charge.

The breast pump is designed for nursing mothers to use frequently and also for a long time. It is a double breast pump. Its pumping techniques are like that of a baby suckling naturally. Multiple users can use with different personalized settings. Mothers want the best hospital grade breast pump that is BPA-free to ensure clean breast milk.

With the eco- friendly design, this hospital grade breast pump parts are safe for the health of babies and free of any negative longterm effects.

Key Features:

  • • Eco friendly
  • • Personalized speed controls
  • • Hospital grade performanc


  • •Brand: Hygeia
  • •Model: Hygeia enjoye cordless breast pump
  • • Hospital-grade performance
  • • Eco-friendly design
  • It is market-scarce


Ameda Elite Electric breast pump

When you are talking about portable hospital-grade breast pumps, the Ameda Elite should be among them. The breast pump is very lightweight and convenient to carry around. What is impressive about this breast pump is the fact that the suction speed and strength can be adjusted to different patterns to suit different body conditions. So, it suits multiple users.

The flexible suction of this product is also adjustable from 30CPM to 60CPM. And this makes the pump ideal for you if you prefer minimal pumping. Also, the breast pump comes with built-in milking bottles to avoid milk spillage. Ameda hospital grade breast pump has a closed system that prevents contamination and spillage of milk.

Key Features:

  • • Adjustable suction power and speed
  • • Built-in milking bottles to avoid spillage
  • • Lightweight hospital-grade


  • •Brand: Ameda
  • •Model: Ameda Elite electric breast pump
  • Built-in bottles avoid spillage
  • • Ideal for minimal milking
  • Vacuum and cycles could tend to be slow


Spectra baby USA s2 plus breast pump

The spectra brand is not a new name in the world of breast pumps. If you are looking for the best hospital grade breast pumps, then you’ve found one. It uses the closed pumping system to ensure hygienic milk pumping and safe mothers the stress of wanting to clean the tubes.

An added advantage is the wide neck tube that facilitates large quantity pumping. Also, the suction speed and massage follows the natural pattern of babies.

The hospital-grade S2plus product has a single and double pumping system that allows for easy and convenient breast milk pumping. The breast pump features a nightlight, which will enable you to pump milk at night. Its suction settings are also adjustable. You get to set to the pumping conditions to the most suitable mode.

Key Features:

  • • Hospital-grade double/single pump
  • • Customizable settings
  • • Closed Pumping System


  • •Brand: Spectra Baby
  • •Model: Spectra baby USA s2plus electric breast pump
  • •Color: Soft pink
  • • Closed pumping system to avoid leakage during milk pumping
  • • Flexible pump controls
  • Power adapter could fail at anytime


Medela Lactina breast pump

The Medela Lactina breast pump is a highly rated hospital-grade. It is ideal for effective breastmilk pumping. The pump has both single and double pumps. It comes with a built-in suck and release system, which helps to aid the natural release of breast milk.

The pump has a built-in vacuum system that protects against excessive suction. It comes with a rechargeable battery. Pumping components are BPA-free. More so, this pump can be used as a manual electric pump.

Key Features:

  • •Built-in vacuum system
  • • Rechargeable battery


  • • Brand: Medela
  • •Model: Medela lactina breast pump
  • • Built-in vacuum system prevents excessive section and pumping
  • • Single/Double pumping system
  • • It can be used as a manual breast pump
  • The manual pump is prone to damage


Spectra dew 350 electric breast pump

Hospital grade breast pump costs a lot of times and spectra dew 350 is one of them. However, it’s worth the price. You get to pump very effectively, multiple times a day with this pump. And this hospital grade breast pump parts BPA-free, making them an ideal choice for young ones.

It can be used as a single or double pump. It has a closed pumping system that prevents leakage and milk spillage. It has a timer to notify you when the milking bottles are filled. The closed system of this pump ensures an airtight process free of contamination and saves a mother the stress of cleaning tubing.

Key Features:

  • • 2 membranes
  • • Filter tubing


  • •Brand: Spectra Baby
  • •Model: Spectra baby USA dew 350 electric breast pump
  • •Color: Blue
  • • Single/double pumping system
  • • Closed pumping system
  • Quite expensive
  • Quite scarce


Nibble Hospital grade breast pump

This pump is among the top advanced breast pumps. It is a hospital-grade pump that delivers beyond your expectation. It is a single breast pump.

The Nibble breast pump has a closed pumping system that prevents leakage and ensures a 100% clean pumping process.

It comes with a strong motor that supports multiple and frequent usages. You get to use the nightlight to pump at night. More so, it has a timer that notifies you when the bottles are filled.

Key Features:

  • • Stimulation and expression phases
  • • Backflow protection
  • • Soft let-down massage cushion


  • Brand: Nibble
  • Model: Nibble hospital grade breast pump
  • Colour: Green
  • • Expression phase stimulates milk flow
  • • LCD makes display clear
  • • You might need to give too much attention to the user’s guide
  • • It has a single pump

Buying Guide Questions

Is a hospital grade pump better?

Many mothers still find it difficult to decide which is better for them in their breast pumping activities, whether hospital-grade or regular?

Hospital grade breast pump vs regular

The truth is that if you want to get the best out of your breastmilk pumping, you need to go for a hospital-grade pump. Yes, a hospital-grade pump is better than a regular-grade or personal-use one. Their superior suction strength is just like the natural suckle of your baby. This helps provide a more natural and effective flow of milk.

They are efficient in their operations too. You get to pump more breast milk within a shorter period. This is also because they have a reliable and advanced suck and release mechanism. They are ideal for you if you want to pump and store breastmilk for later use, as you can pump a sufficient quantity. Hospital-grade pumps are the pumps that are right for mothers who need exclusive pumping. Here, if your baby cannot suckle well or hold on to your breast to consume the breastmilk, you would need a hospital-grade breast pump. You can make the pump your exclusive breast milk extractor. You can pump as many times a day with the pump still retaining its strength. Overall, lactation experts advise nursing mothers to get a hospital-grade pump and consume lactation supplements, regardless of their individual needs, it brings out the best!

Why is a hospital grade pump better?

A hospital-grade breast pump is better in every aspect of breast milk pumping. When we talk about bringing out maximum effectiveness and efficiency from milk pumping, hospital-grade pumps are a lot better.

Hospital-grade pumps have strong suction and motor to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. For example, the spectra s2plus and s1 plus hospital-grade pumps have suction strength of 250mmHg- this hospital grade breast pump spectra deliver optimum milk pumping operations. Hospital-grade pumps are also the best when it comes to durability and longevity. They last longer periods of quality and efficient breast milk pumping.

As a nursing mother, you should go for hospital-grade pumps to enhance and increase your breast milk supply. You would be surprised at how naturally, effectively, and conveniently they pump out your breast milk. As a result, your baby would lack the benefits of breastfeeding. He or she can get the needed amount of breast milk when you are around or not!

What is the strongest breast pump?

The truth about breast milk pumps is that there is no particular single pump that is considered the strongest breast pump, and this is because most hospital-grade breast pumps are quality and top-notch in strength and delivery. However, there are still some particular breast pump brands that are considered the strongest.

The strongest breast pump brands are easily the Medela, Spectra, and Kinyo brands. These brands have been trusted over a long period by lactation experts and experienced nursing mothers. These brands have both single and double pumping systems, closed pumping system to prevent leakage, and most importantly, they possess superior and quality suction strength and motors. It’s their superiority in motor and suction strength that makes them fast and the strongest breast milk pump brands. They are far more durable and efficient than other regular pumps. Mothers love them!

Is the Elvie pump hospital grade?

Though the Elvie breast milk pimp might not be right there at the top when we talk about the best hospital-grade pumps, it’s still a hospital-grade pump. We can decipher this from the result of its use by nursing mothers. Nursing mothers say it can pump milk exclusively; it can be used for exclusive pumping.

The Elvie breast pump is a pump that can support multiple usages, initiate and support breastmilk pumping, and also pump as many times a day- so it is a hospital-grade pump.

Is spectra s2 hospital grade?

Yes, the Spectra s2 pump is easily categorized as a hospital-grade pump. It supports multiple users, initiates and supports breast milk pumping, and can be used many times a day. The pump is among the strongest hospital-grade pumps around. It has a closed pumping system and hospital-strength suction and motor. The s2 pump is no stranger in the breastmilk pumping world, and it is a name to reckon with! As a nursing mother, you should try it out!

Is the lansinoh hospital grade?

When we look at uses and efficiency, the lansinoh pump is not a hospital-grade. Though it can support good breastmilk pumping, it would not do so at the maximum suction strength. The pump cannot be relied upon for frequent pumping and to still retain maximum suction strength. It is a good breast pump, but not recommended as a hospital-grade pump.

Do you get more milk with a hospital grade pump?

Yes, and absolutely! Nursing mothers, you are assured of more supply of breastmilk with a hospital-grade pump. Hospital-grade pumps have superior let-down and expression modes that imitate the natural suckling of a baby to produce large quantities of breast milk. More so, the suction and pumping strength together with a suck and release system help to increase your breastmilk supply, even if you have a low supply of breastmilk.

If you have a baby that requires a large plentifully of breastmilk, you are well covered by a hospital-grade pump. This is because you can pump in large quantities to store for later uses. A respected hospital-grade pump- the spectra s1plus tells the story. The hospital-grade pump has a suction strength of 250mmHg, which allows it to work at its best. The pump helps increase breast milk supply by natural suction massage; this soothes the nerves of your breast to produce more breast milk. Mothers, there is no doubt a hospital-grade pump would give you more supply of breast milk. Go for it!


We have reviewed the best hospital-grade pumps you can find out there. As a nursing mother, you have seen the importance and superiority of hospital-grade pumps. With them, you get the most out of your breastmilk pumping. They help you maximize your pumping activities. You do not have to worry about low milk supply and your baby’s latching or suckling issues. Why? It’s because you can quickly pump large quantities of milk and store up.

If you have doubted the effectiveness and efficiency of breast pumps generally, please go for hospital-grade pumps. They help you enjoy your breastfeeding experience as a new nursing mother. Even if you are a working nursing mother, you can use it effectively. The pumping mechanisms are so convenient and comfortable. Nursing mothers say that they find it easier to pump breast milk than natural breastfeeding. They get used to exclusive breast milk pumping, as it is beneficial and efficient. What more do you need? For a comfortable and successful breastfeeding journey, go for the best hospital grade breast pumps and don’t forget to spoil yourselg with a superior breast pumping bag to have everything stored neatly!