Backpacks for Girls in Middle School


Preparing a backpack for school can be very easy and straightforward; however, it can be quite different if you are packing for middle schoolers or helping teenagers with their bags. Middle schooler backs tend to be complete and jam-packed, especially for girls who like to carry various essential stuff with them.

As your little girls grow older, they would want to be more stylish and organized, which would apply to their backpacks. So, the key to keeping your teenage middle schoolers up and about is to have their backpacks all set, stylish, and highly durable as well. For teenagers, especially girls, it is much more on the style than they are about functionality. Therefore, it will be the parents’ job to help their kids find a pretty-looking backpack that is highly functional at the same time.

If you find a great and stylish backpack that your girls will love, then it would last them quite a few years.

Essentials – What should a girl have in her school bag?

School supplies

Of course, school supplies such as books, pens, notebooks, and other study materials are essential to be placed into your girls’ school backpacks. If they have many books, you may want to get backpacks with support and are durable. To keep the school materials separate from other items, you can also place them inside an expandable envelope or get a back with compartments. Also, store their pens and other writing materials in a separate pencil case or pouch to avoid poking or inks inside your child’s backpack.

Digital storages and other gadgets

We all know how the digital age and high technology dramatically impact children’s school and study patterns nowadays. That is why their materials should also keep up. You might want to stash your daughter’s bag with some flash drives since they might be needing one to acquire a copy of essential notes and lectures. Some gadgets may be allowed in schools, such as e-readers and netbooks, so you might want to get a backpack that may be able to hold one of these gadgets for school.


You will never know when your child might need extra cash for them to get through the day. May it be to buy some additional snacks, bus fare, or some fees at school that you may need to pay. It is vital that you also put only a fair amount and not too much since it can be lost or taken.

Pouch for feminine products

Your little girl is already a teenager, and you might want to help her be ready for the possibility of period stains or their first menstruation. You can help her by preparing a pouch containing all the necessary feminine products such as tampons or pads, feminine wash, and you can even add an extra pair of underwear. For sure, your daughter will thank you for this in the future.


With everything that is happening around the world and all the infections and diseases that you might be getting from touching surfaces, you must provide your child with a handy and effective cleaning and sanitizing agent that they might need. A pocket-size sanitizer is ideal to be stashed in your daughter’s bag so that cleaning and sanitizing could come in handy anytime.

Mobile phone or contact information

Nowadays, mobile phones have already become a necessity since it is the easiest and the fastest way to communicate and contact your family and friends. However, some schools may not allow your kids to be bringing around gadgets such as mobile phones. The best way to provide them with a way to contact you if something happens is by providing them cards containing your contact information or another guardian’s contact information, just in case.

Food and water

School can indeed be very tiring and energy-draining; that is why you must prepare some snacks for your child just if they get starving or might just need something to munch on. You can pack some biscuits or energy bars to keep them going throughout the day. Helping them stay hydrated through including a tumbler in their backpacks is also a great help. Kids can sometimes forget to drink water, especially during a busy day at school, but you can help them remember by letting them bring a tumbler of water with them at school.

Emergency supplies

Emergency supplies might include band-aids, medicines, small flashlights and other items that they might need for medical and different types of emergencies.


Having umbrellas in bags is quite handy since, with the global warming that we are facing right now, the weather can become quite unpredictable. Give your girls something to protect them from both the heat and rain.

Gums or breath mints

Gums or breath mints are always a good thing to carry, which is true even for middle schoolers. You can help your daughters save themselves from having bad breaths by putting in some gums or breath mints that they might need after a taco or a burger or fish and chips as snacks.

Beauty essentials

As our little girls become middle schoolers and eventually become teenagers, they will start using beauty products such as powders, gloss, lip balms, colognes, etc. You can help them by teaching them which stuff should they use and what they can bring to school. This can also include toiletries that they might need after the gym or physical education classes, and you can put them in a small pouch or a separate organizer.

What kind of backpacks do middle schoolers use: Tips for picking the right backpack


An outstanding safety feature that a backpack can have is a reflective material since this can help your kids be seen even during the late afternoons when it has become a bit darker. Also, avoid backpacks with too many strings or dangling designs, as this can get caught up on elevators and bus doors.

Cost and durability

Backpacks can be pretty pricey, especially if they are of good quality. It is crucial that you spend some bucks on something that you and your kids will be able to use for a long time. In that way, you will save more than buying cheap products that you might have to replace multiple times in a year. Find backpacks that are durable and cost-effective as well.

Comfort and support

The comfort and support that a backpack can provide to your kids are paramount. No parent would want their child to suffer from back pains from carrying their bags around the school. Ensure that you are getting a backpack with enough back support and thicker straps to avoid digging into the shoulder that may cause pain and restricted blood circulation.

Useful features

A handy feature when it comes to backpacks is the availability of functional organizing compartments. A good backpack should have a couple of interior and exterior pockets that can be used as bottles holders, a laptop compartment, a smaller pocket for coins and keys, and pencil pockets that can hold flash drives as well.

Final thoughts

Preparing a school backpack for your girls in middle school can be an excellent and educational bonding for you both. On your end, you will be able to understand which items she needs for modern-day schooling. As a parent, you will also be able to teach her how to organize and take care of things and give them ideas on what other important things to bring aside from the classroom and school essentials.

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