How To Organize Baby Shoes


Your growing baby needs plenty of new clothing often as he or she quickly grows out of sleepers, onesies, and outfits. It can get costly. And once your baby is old enough to start going on their feet even if they aren’t walking yet, you have to look into getting your baby some shoes.

You may even have shoes for your baby before the walking or standing stage as well for cosmetic fashion reasons. Face it, newborns and young babies wearing shoes are so adorable. However, before you know it, you will have too many shoes for your infant. What can you possibly do with all of those baby shoes? Before delving into that, let’s first talk about when to put shoes on your baby.

When Should Your Baby Start Wearing Shoes?

You may put infant shoes for stylish reasons on your three-month-old baby, but is it essential for an infant that young to wear baby shoes? It is cute, but not necessary and not recommended to do so often. Your baby’s feet need to grow, and you want to make sure they grow smoothly. If your baby wears shoes too usually, that can interfere with your infant’s feet’ development. That can potentially mean you will have to take your baby to the podiatrist at an early age. If your infant wears baby shoes once in a while, that is fine. However, do not make it a habit.

However, once your baby begins to pull themselves up around nine to ten months of age, that is when you can start putting baby shoes on your baby’s feet. Suppose you wonder when your baby should wear shoes consistently, then when your infant is walking well, which happens on an average of 13 to 14 months. And only put shoes on your one-year-old baby only when you are leaving the house. Do not put shoes on your baby at home. It is a good idea for your infant to walk on their bare feet at home as that allows their feet to develop correctly. In addition to that, it helps to improve their agility as well as strengthens their balance.

Even though your baby won’t be wearing shoes in the home, you will likely end up with more than enough baby shoes than you can handle. That is why you will want to learn about the following organizational hacks for your baby’s shoes.

What Are Methods To Organize Baby Shoes?

If you are finding that you are quickly running out of closet space because your baby’s shoes are taking too much room, there is good news for you. All you need to do is to get creative and innovative. Then you will find smart ways to keep your infant’s shoes organized. Let’s go over some creative methods to store those shoes:

  1. 1. Use Ordinary Clothespins

If you have your baby’s running shoes, dress shoes, sandals, or boots scattered all over the closet floor, then there is a much better way to organize them. Take a rope and attach the ends of it to the wall of the nursery closet. Then hang clothespins on them so you can use them to hang up baby shoes. If you need another row, attach another rope above or below the exiting row of baby shoes hung with clothespins.

  1. 2. Your Jewelry Organizer Has Small Pockets For Your Baby’s Shoes

If you have a jewelry organizer, then you will see that it features small pockets that are large enough to fit infant shoes. If you need to invest in another jewelry organizer to hang in the nursery closet, then it is an investment that is well worth it. Hang up the jewelry organizer and place the baby shoes in the pockets. A large organizer features plenty of pockets to fit as many shoes as possible.

  1. 3. An Empty Dresser Drawer Will Do

If there is an empty dresser drawer in your baby’s nursery, then you can put the shoes in there. That is a simple way to organize those shoes. Even if you have an empty dresser drawer in your bedroom, you can put the extra baby shoes in there. That is if you do not plan to use it for anything else. That is an effortless method to organize baby shoes.

  1. 4. Hang A Shelf To The Wall Of The Nursery

There are adorable shelves you can purchase that fit in very well with a cute nursery. You can hang the rack on a picture hook or attach it with screws to the wall. However, that is a creative way to organize baby shoes. Not to mention, the appearance of the infant shoes lying on the shelf attached to the wall makes the nursery even cuter.

  1. 5. Storage Boxes Underneath The Crib

You can always purchase extra storage boxes from stores such as Walmart to place underneath the crib. You can put the baby shoes in the boxes and use dividers to identify different types of shoes together. You can use one section of the storage box to store sandals, and another one to keep running shoes, and another to store boots, and so on.

Those are just a few ideas for organizing baby shoes. If you come up with another method to solve this issue, then, by all means, use it. The purpose is to keep your space as well as the nursery clutter-free. Whatever solution you come up with for organizing baby shoes is excellent if it works for you.


As your baby grows, you will end up with more clothing, toys, shoes, and other apparatus. The one thing that takes up a lot of space in your home and your baby’s nursery closet is shoes. If there is not enough room in the closet because the baby shoes take up too much space, then the good news is that there are different methods to organize them. You can get innovative if you like when it comes to arranging your baby’s shoes. Or, you can store them in boxes or drawers. The purpose is to keep your place clutter-free.