10 Best Toddler Snow Boots in 2021

KAMIK Footwears Snowbug3 insulated boots

SkaDoo Kids Cold weather snow boots

STONZ three-season stay-on booties

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Snow boots are of so much importance to your toddler during winter. You might be wondering, why are they so important? The truth is that it’s usually very cold during winter and children love snow so much. They love to play in them and fondle them. Would it now be so interesting for your child to come back home with cold freezing feet after playing in the snow? You would agree with me that it would not be so much fun, in fact, it is dangerous for your child’s health! Your toddler could develop a common cold or worse off, mild pneumonia.

Snow boots are then important for your child to prevent against developing a cold or anything worse. Toddler snow boots keeps children warm against any cold and as such gives them the freedom of having fun in the snow. Winter boots for new walkers also give toddlers protection from slipping or tripping. These baby snow boots have traction and non-slip soles to help your children grip their toes firmly against any fall. Toddler snow boots are your baby’s essential winter companion!

The Best Toddler Snow Boots Are Reviewed Below


KAMIK Footwears Snowbug3 insulated boots

The KAMIK footwear’s snowbug3 insulated boot is a top toddler snow boot and among the best toddler snow boots out there. The truth is that experienced mothers and pediatricians recommend it. The snow boot is just ideal for your toddler as it would keep their feet dry and warm in the snow. More so, this snow boot is very easy for your child to wear, no difficulties at all.

How easy is this snow boot to put on for your toddler? Very easy! All you just have to do is to slide in your toddler’s feet into the boots and secure the velcro fitting straps just above your toddler’s ankles. These velcro fitting straps make it very certain that no snow would be able to crawl into the feet when strapped well enough. The snow boot possesses a rubber sole that would protect your child’s feet from elements on the ground. More so, the insulation and plush lining gives enough warmth to your child’s feet. You would definitely find a KAMIK boot that would fit your toddler’s feet as it comes in different sizes. More so, you can be assured you would find a color your toddler likes as it comes in different colors.

Key Features:

  • Velcro fitting straps
  • Boot insulation to produces enough warmth
  • Plush lining to enhance the warmth


  • Brand: KAMIK
  • Model: KAMIK footwear snowbug3 insulated boots
  • Colour: Navy blue
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Velcro fitting strap prevents particles from having contact with the feet
  • Very easy to wear
  • Not really fashionable
  • Sizing
  • Weak Vvelcro fitting stra


SkaDoo Kids Cold weather snow boots

.The SkaDoo kids cold weather snow boot is a top snow boot for toddler girls. It comes in two fashionable design styles. It has the velcro flap design style and the other style is the bungee tightener around the top of the boot. The latter style has the velcro secure above the knee. Both styles are very good for your toddler. The first works in a way that you easily slide in your baby’s feet and close up with the velcro fitting strap. The second style is not as easy sliding your baby’s feet inside. But still, you can easily slide your baby’s feet inside and then tighten the boot with the bungee tightener.

This SkaDoo kids cold weather snow boot is an ideal snow boot for toddler girls because of its fashionable style. The bungee tightener style especially looks very good on toddler girls. It comes in various mixed camou colors that they can pick from. Your toddler would love a SkaDoo snow boot!

Key Features:

  • Fashionable camou design
  • Two-typed boot design style(velcro fitting strap style and bungee tightener style)


  • Brand: SkaDoo
  • Model: SkaDoo kids cold weather snow boots
  • Colour: Camou
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Fashionable snow boot
  • Comes in different colors, up to twenty for a variety
  • Comes in either the velcro strap fitting style or bungee tightener style
  • A plastic slider on drawstring can easily break
  • Stitching problem


STONZ three-season stay-on booties

.The Stonz stay-on booties are just unique and amazing in their designs. It can work as a snow boot and also an overshoe for your toddler. The boot is made with nylon materials and it has a fleece lining which keeps your baby’s feet warm and dry even in cold, snowy environments. The boot is designed in such a way that your toddler can wear it alone or inside a shoe. This makes it fit the billing as both a snow boot and an overshoe. More so, it can be worn barefoot or with socks.

The boot comes with two adjustable bungee tighteners, one at the top of the boot and one at the ankle. This helps to fit well into your toddler’s feet. You can also get an extra sherpa-fleece lining for extra warmth. This is not necessary though, but you can choose to go for the extra warmth

Key Features:

  • Three-season booties
  • Can be used as snow boots and an overshoe
  • Has space for additional fleece lining


  • Brand: STONZ
  • Model: STONZ three-season stay-on booties
  • Color: Unicorn Haze Pink
  • Gender: Unisex
  • It can be worn in fall, winter, and spring. (three-season booties)
  • Soft, skid-resistant soles for developing toddler’s feet
  • There is no insole and real support for your toddler’s feet
  • The nylon could wear easily especially when walking on sidewalks
  • Water-resistant but not water-proof, limiting the amount of water it can take.


Firefrog soft unique stay-on baby toddler boots

The firefrog snow boot is very ideal in a snowy environment. Your kid’s feet are secure in this toddler boot. This snow boot is lined with fleece to enable it to provide the required warmth to your toddler’s feet.

The snow boot is almost the height of a high top shoes, so your child can wear it comfortably and conveniently. They are able to walk about easily in it. The boot has a unique two-part closure velcro fastening system which makes it stay put on your toddler’s feet. They get to fit your child’s feet well. The adjustable straps also allow your child to grow with this boot, as they can adjust it to their new size(s).

Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps to fit into new feet size of your toddler
  • a unique velcro fastening system


  • Brand: Firefrog
  • Model: Firefrog soft unique stay-on baby toddler boots
  • Color: Dark
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Poor stitching
  • The traction soles are not really top-notch


Kimloog baby girls winter waterproof boots

.The kimloog snow boot is among the best fashionable and quality girl toddler snow boots. It is quite stylish and feminine in design. The inside of this boot is lined with a fuzzy fur to give your toddler extra warmth. I comes with an adjustable velcro strap at the back to fit. You would no find not many toddler boots that have adjustable straps at the back. But this particular strap at the back of this boot gives extra fitting on the boot to your toddler. The adjustable back strap does not restrict your toddler’s movement in any way, rather, it enhances good fitting with comfortable movement.

What is more? The kimloog baby boot has anti-slip soles to prevent your baby from slipping on the snow. The traction-typed soles prevent this. Additionally, this boot comes in different sizes.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable velcro fitting back strap
  • Fashionable design


  • Brand: Kimloog
  • Model: Kimloog baby girls winter waterproof
  • Colour: Pink
  • Gender: Female
  • Adjustable velcro fitting back strap for good fitting
  • Fuzzy fur for extra warmth
  • Poor stitching
  • Sizing


Nova Mountain Boys and girls waterproof snow boots

Nova snow boot is especially known for its tough and waterproof build. It possesses sturdy rubber build which protects your toddler from outer elements. The rubber build and sole also have traction to prevent your child from slipping or tripping on the wet surfaces of the snow. The rubber build additionally provides warmth for your child’s feet.

What is more? The upper and lower rubber builds support the snow boot waterproof feature, keeping your child’s feet dry and warm. The boot is totally lined with fuzzy furs to give extra protection against extremely cold weather. The boots have adjustable tightening ropes for extra fitting. Though the boot might look big and tough, it is not heavy, your toddler would be very comfortable in it. Also, the boot has great traction soles to prevent tripping.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof build
  • Tough and traction soles and build


  • Brand: Nova Footwear
  • Model: Nova Mountain Boys and girls waterproof snow boots
  • Colour: Purplefuschia
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Tough soles for durability
  • Waterproof snow boot
  • Adjustable strings for a better fit
  • Sizing
  • Adjustable strings may not be easy for your toddler to put on and off


Northface Alpenglow IV insulated boots

The truth is, this boot is built for all purposes. It does fit for your kid snow diving, hiking, or traveling. It is designed to keep your toddler’s feet warm and comfortable when in cold and snowy environments. The north face alpenglow IV insulated boot is especially great if your toddler is the active and vivacious type. He or she can get to run around a lot with this boot still safe on, protecting your child’s feet.

The boot is built with ballistic nylon and an upper leather to prevent moisture and cold from entering the boot while on your toddler’s feet. Also, the product is built with a TNF winter grip rubber outsole to give solid traction. The thermafelt liner also gives additional warmth when on.

Key Features:

  • Ballistic nylon and leather build
  • TNF winter grip material
  • Drawcord lace enclosure system
  • Removable liner


  • Brand: The North face
  • Model: The North face alpenglow IV insulated boots
  • Colour: Tnf Black
  • Gender: Unisex
  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy for harsh environment
  • Stylish design
  • Quite expensive
  • The liner tends to go off


Columbia Kid’s powder bug plus II waterproof snow boots

The Columbia kid’s powder bug plus II snow boots is very ideal for your toddler to play in the snow. This snow boot keeps your toddler’s feet warm and cozy all through his or her play in the snow. With its synthetic insulation and seam-sealed waterproof design, your toddler is guaranteed of extra warmth even if the temperature drops to a freezing cold 25F.

What more makes this boot enjoyable? It posses waterproof uppers which are durable no matter how frequent your toddler plays in the snow. More so, the Columbia powder bug boots have a padded cushioning to make your toddler’s feet comfortable in them. It is suited for comfortability and fitness of purpose. Colombia power bug is one the best toddler snow boots.

Key Features:

  • TPR injection-molded outsole
  • Seam-sealed waterproof design
  • Two components closure system(hook and loop and drawcord)


  • Brand: Columbia
  • Model: Columbia kid’s powder bug plus II waterproof snow boots
  • Colour: Charcoal/Hydrangea
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Fashionable design
  • Durable quality
  • Sizing
  • Needs additional lining


DREAM PAIRS Unisex waterproof snowboots

This snow boot is ideal for easy wear. Your toddler can easily slide in his or her feet in this snowboot. It has a faux fur lining and comfortable insulation for warmth in cold and snowy environs. It has a padded cushioning inside for extra comfort.

Looking for the best toddlers snow boot? The dream pair boot is in a round toe design to give all-round warmth and protection. The build is also waterproof and is lightweight for easy movement-completely safe to wear.

Key Features:

  • All-round toe design
  • 200g thermolite insulation


  • Brand: Dreampairs
  • Model: Dreampairs unisex waterproof snow boots
  • Colour: Black Red/M
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Great warmth
  • Comfortable wear
  • Sizing


ICEFACE Kids waterproof and insulated snow boots

.The Iceface waterproof and insulated boot is ideal for any toddler, male or female. It has a synthetic and seam-sealed waterproof system. It also has an insulated lining system that gives warmth to your toddler’s feet. Your toddler can wear this boot even in extremely cold weather, below 25 F.

The boot also comes with a padded cushion for extra comfort. The materials with which this boot is built makes it durable and comfortable, while still providing warmth. Additionally, it’s available in different sizes and colors that fascinate young ones. It’s durable and regarded as on the best toddlers snow boot.

Key Features:

  • 13 different sizes
  • Waterproof built


  • Brand: ICE FACE
  • Model: ICE FACE kids waterproof and insulated snow boots
  • Colour: Pink
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Oxford cloth upper prevent your toddler from getting wet
  • Fits well
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Sizing

Buying Guide Questions

This section would give you practical answers to some questions concerning your toddler snow boots. Pay attention in order to get useful information.

What are the best snow boots for kids?

Mothers ask this question a lot. Why? Because some snow boots end up causing skin tear or muscle pain for their kids. In order to avoid this, you have to go for the best type of snow boots made for kids. As a caring mother, the best snow boots you can get for your new walker are those made up of soft and flexible sole, easily adjustable strap, and have a wide-fit. Most importantly, they have to be insulated and waterproof to guarantee your kid the required warmth.

Why do you have to go for snow boots with wide-fit and soft, flexible soles? It’s because your kid still has a kind of flat feet because the feet muscles are not yet fully developed. So, you have to go for the wide-fit in order to accommodate your kid’s fit and allow him or her a free and flexible movement. Among the snow boots that fit this description are the Firefrog, Stonz, and Kimloog toddler snow boots. They are good picks!

Do Toddlers need snow boots?

Yes, toddlers need snow boots when they are playing in the snow or cold environments. And this is very important to protect them against developing a common cold, or worse off, mild pneumonia. Toddlers still have tender bodies and are susceptible to the effects of extreme weather conditions. So, you really need to protect your toddlers from these effects. Snow boots offer warmth through their insulation systems to protect your toddler from a cold.

What should toddlers wear in the snow?

Toddlers should put on insulative clothing and footwear. The truth is that toddlers tend to be much more susceptible to the effect of adverse and extreme weather conditions. If toddlers do not wear the correct clothing and footwear, they could be at high risk. The snowy weather is an extreme condition of cold weather. When your toddler plays in the snow, he or she has to wear insulative and quality snow boots and insulative clothing materials to provide warmth and prevent the moisture and cold from creeping in.

These insulative clothing and snow boots would give the warmth required. You can choose a quality snow boot for this purpose. You cannot afford your toddler coming back from playing in the snow with freezing cold feet.

Should I size up for toddler winter boots?

To be on the safer side, please do this. Really, most snow boots run in sizes. So, when selecting a snow boot for your toddler, please do size up. You might consider selecting a relatively larger size for your toddler’s feet. It’s all in a bid to accommodate any unforeseen size issue. More so, your toddler would most likely wear socks with snow boots. In order to then accommodate the socks and still maintain comfortability, size up your toddler winter boots. Snow boots for toddler girls and boys usually have this size issue, so size up. You would safe yourself time and extra cost!

What are the warmest winter boots for kids?

The warmest winter boots for kids are the ones with a seam-sealed waterproof system, extra lining, fuzzy fur, and rubber build and soles. And this is because the extra lining and rubber build in these types of winter boots gives additional warmth to your kid’s feet. In the production of these types of winter boots, warmth production is paramount. The Kimloog, Iceface, and Dreampairs snow boots are great examples of warmth-based snow boots. These boots provide your kid with the required warmth enough to protect against a 25 F temperature.

Insider Tip: keep your children entertained with coloring books, safe and cheap to use!

Can kids wear rain boots in the snow?

The answer to this question is actually relative. It depends on how cold it is. If the level of snow is mild and bearable, you can still choose to wear a rainbow for your kid in the snow. But if the level of snow is extreme and visibly severe, you must put on a snow boot for your kid.

But on the whole, it is advisable to wear snow boots as opposed to rain boots for your kids no matter how snowy. It’s advisable to do this because they are still tender and frail, you never can tell what weather conditions would affect them. They can also use a quality back pack when they get back to school or just being adventurous outside!

How Do I Keep My Toddler’s Feet Warm In The Winter?

The answer is straight and simple. Insulate your toddler’s feet as much as possible. Wear snow boots and socks for your toddler. Focus on wearing warmth-based snow boots and not fashion or style-based ones. More so, always make sure to accompany the snow boot with thick socks, then your toddler is good to go!

What is the best waterproof winter boots?

The winter boots with a seam-sealed waterproof system and rubber build and sole are the best waterproof winter boots out there. The best toddler snow boots have the seam-sealed system that repels water entry a lot. More so, the rubber build does not allow penetration of liquid of any sort. If you are looking for winter boots that would protect well against water, go for these types. The Columbia and Iceface snow boots fit the bill very well. Go for them and get good results!


The guide has given a thorough review of the best toddler snow boots out there. We have shown you the best varieties you can go for when it comes to protecting your toddler from the cold of the snow. You have also seen the importance of these snow boots. As a caring mother, get one and protect your child for developing a common cold or anything like that during the snow! You cannot afford not to get to the child a baby snow boot(s) during the winter.