10 Best Baby Walking Shoes in 2021

SRTech Elliot Bootie

OAISNIT baby boy & girls sneakers

RVROVIC Toddlers

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When those little feet start to roam the house, with each step getting steadier by the day, you start to keep important things away from sight. But more importantly, you think of shoes! Yes, walking shoes are the next on your list, especially when it’s time to hit the playground either on the grass or any platform. Babies need the best baby walking shoes not to help them walk, but to simply comfort, protect, and at times motivate them to walk around for long- especially when the shoes have attractive colors.

Good walking shoes are difficult to come by due to the vast amount of manufacturers. We want to help you pick from the best and to achieve this, extensive research into excellent baby shoes yielded a good result. We found the best shoes that will aid your baby as he/she masters the beautiful act of walking.

The Best Baby Walking Shoes Review

The best baby walking shoes are reviewed below


SRTech Elliot Bootie

This shoe is the best for the feet of young ones- it’s delicately built with sensory pods at the outsole to give the natural feeling of walking barefoot. The legs of babies are feeble at that tender age and the manufacturer ensures the shoes stay lightweight such that it won’t be an extra burden.

Flexibility and stability are important features of shoes that make walking easy for young ones. The heel cushioning supports the feet and serves as a stable base to stand on. The leather upper is breathable and facilities the flow of air inwards to prevent moisture within.

The laces are elastic with hooks and loops closing and this opening system allows for easy wear and removal. It’s an ideal walking shoe for babies learning to walk. Additionally, the shoes come in many lovely colors that can attract both genders and fit well on any dress type. And cleaning the pair takes just a wipe to remove the dirt specks or any stain.

Key Features:

  • Full leather body
  • Cushioned heel
  • Sensory pods at the outsole


  • Brand : Stride Rite
  • Model : SRTech Elliot Bootie
  • Color: Black, White, Brown
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Elegant design
  • Sizing


OAISNIT baby boy & girls sneakers

OAISNIT is an ideal baby first walking shoe for both genders. From the tender of age one to two years when the feet are delicate and steps are feeble, up to the age of five when it gets steady, the sneakers provide stability all through. The sole is anti-skid to prevent a fall while in the house or playground since young ones have unstable feet. It protects the feet not only from beneath but also around the toe because young ones have little control over how they walk when just starting.

With the use of light upper material coupled with good cotton lining, the shoe becomes breathable and curbs the formation of moisture within. It in the same vein also prevents smell or irritation to the feet. The inner layer is soft and comfortable to wear over a long period.

It doesn’t come with laces to avoid too much tightness but rather an easy to open and close buckle to give firmness- it’s easy to wear and remove.

Key Features:

  • Anti- Skid outsole
  • Easy to use buckle
  • Cotton lining


  • Brand: OAISNIT
  • Model: Baby Boy& Girls Sneakers
  • Color: White/ Grey / purple/ Pink
  • Gender: unisex
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Durable outsole
  • Good quality upper
  • Sizing


RVROVIC Toddlers

RVROVIC is the perfect walking shoe for babies around eight months and up to two years of age. The design is chic with beautiful colors which you can choose from. Canvas fabric used in the upper is breathable and durable ensuring the feet don’t get sweaty and the shoe smells.

Babies need a non-slip shoe to help them get steady steps as they begin learning how to walk, also the outsole prevents falls. The overall weight of the shoe is very light to make it less of a burden to the small feet. Additionally, the ankle area is made of elastic to be firm and to also expand during movement.

It’s easy to put on and off with the soft lace-it doesn’t hold too tight to avoid causing bruises or leave marks on the skin.

Key Features:

  • Elastic ankle hold
  • Canvas upper
  • Breathable lining


  • Brand: RVROVIC
  • Model: Toddler-Sneakers
  • Color: White/ Black/ Red/ Pink
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Excellent durability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Not so easy to rid of dirt



With the rubber sole, beautiful design, and shape, Adidas grand court sneakers are among the best baby walking shoes available on the market. Shank height is very low but thickened to give a stable base to the feet and ensure the durability of the shoe.

Synthetic leather is present in the upper covering of the shoe and this is easy to clean, lightweight, durable. The velcro easy to remove and put on straps firmly holds the feet in place as your young ones bask in around on the playground.

It’s comfortable to the feet and won’t result in sweat due to the breathable mesh pattern of the upper part of the shoe. The outsole is durable and strong enough to last years of use till your young ones outgrow it. It’s available for babies within the tender age of one to five years and above.

Key Features:

  • Velcro straps
  • Mesh lining
  • Rubber sole


  • Brand: Adidas
  • Model: Kids-Grand-Court-Sneaker
  • Color: White/ Grey/ Cream
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Good Breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant and smart
  • Possibility of picking the wrong size


Josmo Unisex baby walking shoe

Josmo is popular, trusted, and one of the best baby walking shoe brands in recent years. It’s an ankle-high shoe offering full protection to the feet and adding extra swag to the outfit. When babies start to walk, it’s only natural they’ll want to move around as much possible thereby being prone to hitting their feet against obstacles. The ankle design protects the feet from dangers and securely keeps the feet.

Also, the material is solely quality leather and at the same time lightweight to ensure it’s easy to walk in. It has a good and reliable outsole with strong tread stitches to hold the upper part firmly and make sure your baby uses it maximally till he/she outgrows it.

The smooth body is easy to clean with a swipe of wet foam over the surface- it’s not advisable to dip it in the water when washing. The footbed is soft and comfortable to walk on.

Key Features:

  • Full Leather
  • Ankle length
  • Great lace-up design


  • Brand: Josmo
  • Model: Unisex baby walking shoe
  • Color: White/ Tan / Navy Blue
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Elegant design
  • Excellent firmness
  • Not so breathable


Crocs-Crocband-Clog Toddlers

Crocs! Yes, crocs designed a beautiful and ergonomic walking slip-on shoes for kids. As expected, it’s very lightweight and easy to walk in it without extra burden to the tender feet of your baby. It’s easy to put on and remove- it’s a slip-on with a strap which gives an option should you desire more firmness.

It feels like walking barefoot in the crocs; so natural and comfortable with attractive colors that make kids want to keep it on for long. A perfect shoe for the playground and within the house. No moisture or water to stay within- it’s very much breathable with enough holes from the sides and top to allow the adequate flow of air into the shoe.

Clean the shoe anyhow you deem fit; water won’t ruin it. It’s made of good rubber material that lasts for a long period. Additionally and most importantly, its outsole is non – slip to prevent skids or slipping off a surface. Crocs for kids is an ideal baby first walking shoe and arguably the best baby walking shoe.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip sole
  • Full Rubber
  • Pivot heel for firmness


  • Brand: Crocs
  • Model: Crocband-Clog-Toddlers
  • Color: Yellow/ Purple/ Black
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Anti-slip
  • Not suitable in winter


Meckior Unisex Toddler Sneakers

Meckior is a canvas design shoe with good fabric materials that conform to the shape of the feet. It’s a lace-up style to give it adjustable firmness and prevent it from coming off when walking. Easy to wear and remove coupled with elastic material at the ankle area to expand well as the feet fit in.

Also, the outsole is a brilliant design of anti-slip technology to enhance stability and prevents slips. Additionally, the outsole is of good rubber material with a proper grip that holds firmly but doesn’t hinder movement. Its flexibility alongside lightweight makes the shoe easy to use and carry effectively for your baby without creating extra weight.

It matches every outfit well and looks adorable especially when worn with white socks( a little secret).

Key Features:

  • Non-slip
  • Elegant canvas design
  • Elastic fit


  • Brand: Meckior
  • Model: unisex Toddler Sneakers
  • Color: Black/ white/ Pink
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear and put off
  • Durable
  • Not easy to clean


Baby Deer leather walker infant

Baby Deer is a good leather walking shoe and certainly one of the best baby walking shoes. It’s full leather and holds the feet up to the ankle to give good protection. The well-designed body looks beautiful with a variety of available colors.

Also, the Crepe outsole has a good grip that is similar to the way wall gecko holds firmly to the wall. It enables babies to walk freely without slipping off on a smooth floor surface. And the use of footbed in this shoe gives the tender feet a comfortable and soft platform to stand.

With the lace-up system, the firmness is adjustable to make the shoe firm but not overly tight to prevent bruises to the feet. Cleaning is easy using just a piece of wet cloth or foam to wipe off dirt on the leather material. Most importantly, it’s lightweight build makes it easy to walk in.

Key Features:

  • Good grip
  • Full leather
  • Synthetic outsole


  • Brand: Baby Deer
  • Model: Leather Walker Infant
  • Color: White/ Tan/ Black
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Smart design
  • Can be huge for tiny feet


SOFMUO Bowknot

The Bowknot dress shoe is suitable for lovely occasions. Its design makes it easy to put on using a hook and loop design that runs in the middle of the shoe. The upper part is of good soft cotton and well lined to facilitate breathability and make sure the shoe is always free of moisture. With an anti-skid outsole, its the perfect shoe for babies as they begin to learn how to walk. Also, the glossy finish of the shoe makes it attractive to babies and makes them want to have it on at all times.

It gives babies a comfortable platform to stand on at the tender stage of feet development. And the inner layer of the shoe is soft and comfortable to the feet. Additionally, the outsole is durable and soft to give the natural sensation of walking barefoot.

While immersion in water to clean is not good for the shoe, a simple wipe will remove the dust completely.

Key Features:

  • Anti-skid outsole
  • Fabric sole
  • Soft cotton body


  • Brand : SOFMUO
  • Model: Bowknot slip-on
  • Color: Black/ Pink/ Blue
  • Gender : Female
  • Lightweight
  • Non- Slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be a bit wide for slim feet


Benhero infant princess prewalker

The shoe is definitely among the best baby walking shoes available. Due to its design, it’s a perfect match for formal events. The beautiful body builds alongside the flowery design is elegant and smart. Additionally, the inner is ultra-soft and comfortable with a breathable design that allows the generous inflow of air and prevents moisture.

The hook and loop strap makes it easy to put on and off. And the soft fabric outsole is flexible to support natural feet movement coupled with the overall lightweight build of the shoe. It fits well from when the baby starts walking and remains an ideal shoe to use until the feet begin to become steady.

Key Features:

  • Cotton lining
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Suede build


  • Brand : Benhero
  • Model: Infant princess pre-walker
  • Color: Pink/ Gold/ Yellow
  • Gender: Female
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable inner
  • Easy to wear
  • Not so durable

Buying Guide Questions

What are the best first walking shoes for babies?

In your journey as a nursing mother, your baby learning how to walk properly is one of the intricate processes you must give proper care and attention to. Mothers, you should note that your baby’s first walking shoes determine a lot when it comes to your baby mastering his or her walking steps. You can not afford to go for just any walking shoe, you have to pay attention to details and intricacies. Your baby’s foot is softer than an adult’s foot because the muscles are not yet well developed; you have to take note of this when selecting your baby’s first walking shoes. You have to choose baby shoes that have good-fit, are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable in order to grip and balance your baby’s walking steps. More so, you should buy the shoes with non-slip soles to prevent your baby from slipping or tripping on wet surfaces.

Having given attention to the details needed in selecting your baby’s shoes, you should go for one of the following baby shoes we are going to mention afterward. As a caring nursing mother, the best shoes for your baby learning to walk are outlined above.

These baby shoes are much more than fashion shoes, they protect babies’ feet as they build the right walking steps. More so, babies tend to have flat feet since their feet muscles are just developing, so they need shoes with wide-fit which would comfortably accommodate their feet. These baby shoes are also flexible enough to allow your baby to grip his or her toes firmly. They are so comfortable on your baby’s muscles as if walking barefoot.

All the details put into these best first walking footwear for your baby are in a bid to make sure your baby develops good feet and muscles. More importantly, avoid a deformed walking pattern. Choose one of these shoes! Once they are older though, and they become cute toddlers, they are certainly going to want to play in the snow, you will then need to look for snow boots to keep them safe.

Are walking shoes good for babies?

Of course, Yes! Walking shoes are not only good for your baby, they are a major means of developing strong feet muscles and good walking patterns for your baby. Walking shoes are very important for babies learning to walk. Many mothers might not know the importance of baby walking shoes, they might think that they are just for aesthetics. No, walking shoes are very good for your baby. In fact, they should be your baby’s first walking companion.

The importance of walking shoes cannot be overemphasized for babies. They go to the root of your baby developing good walking steps and habits. The American Academy of Pediatrics even recommends that babies wear lightweight and flexible walking shoes which allow them to walk naturally. In fact, they are made of leather or mesh and rubber soles to allow your baby’s feet to breathe and also support traction. If you are a nursing mother and you have the notion that walking shoes are of no value, it is high time you changed such a notion. Get a walking shoe for your baby and enhance his or her walking development.

Why do babies need walking shoes?

Babies need walking shoes to enhance and develop comfortable and right walking patterns. American Academy of Pediatrics baby shoes is recommended for these exact purposes. What is this type of baby shoes? They are baby shoes that allow babies to walk comfortably and naturally, they are as if your baby is walking barefoot. Babies have a way less-developed feet muscles which makes them tend to have flat feet. So, you have to get your baby quality walking shoes which are wide-fit, flexible, and comfortable.

You cannot allow your baby to walk barefoot until he or she develops strong feet muscles, this is dangerous. Your baby’s feet muscles are still tender and weak and they need a flexible and comfortable medium to move without damage. You cannot do this by leaving your baby to walk barefoot. You can only do this by getting your baby a flexible and comfortable walking shoe. Quality baby shoes are made from soft leather which prevents any skin tear, and also non-slip soles which prevent slipping or tripping.

What is more? Baby walking shoes have low ankles to fit your baby’s feet. And this is because your baby’s feet are still tender and tight high ankle shoes can damage their ankles or twist their tender muscles. They are comfortable for your baby and they allow your baby to have a firm grip of their steps and toes, while still maintaining their comfort. More so, walking shoes help prevent your baby’s feet from heat and cold. They also help your baby feel what they touch with their feet, and thereby, develop stronger muscles. Walking shoes really help your babies in developing the right walking patterns, more so, strong and healthy feet muscles. As a caring breastfeeding or breastpumping mother, you cannot afford to water down the importance of walking shoes for your baby.

Do babies need walking shoes to learn to walk?

No, babies do not need walking shoes to learn to walk. According to experts from the American pediatrics association, babies do not need walking shoes until they begin to walk. What does this suggest? It suggests that walking comes naturally to babies; they would learn how to walk naturally without walking shoes. Walking shoes only shape the walking patterns of babies. They are only meant to stabilize your baby’s feet on walking surfaces and most importantly protect the feet.

Walking shoes are not the ones that would initiate your baby’s walking steps. Your baby would out of natural instincts start trying to walk and mount their feet on the ground. That walking instinct comes to your baby naturally; walking shoes do not bring the instinct. Walking shoes just help stabilize and shape your baby’s walking steps.

When should I get my baby first walking shoes?

It is widely recommended by pediatrics experts that you should get your baby’s first walking shoes when they are able to walk around comfortably. You do not have to get your baby’s first walking shoes when he or she is just starting to mount his or her feet on walking surfaces. You should get them after they can comfortably, to a reasonable extent walk around surfaces. This would be likely six weeks after your baby starts walking around. The moment your baby starts to learn how to walk, let him or her do so barefoot at first. Your baby would be able to master his or her footsteps and also feel the ground beneath better by doing this. And this is because your baby needs to get the muscles of the feet familiar with the walking surfaces before going on to step with walking shoes. More so, your baby needs to develop the feet muscles naturally without sole reliance on socks or tight walking shoes. One fact you have to take note of is that your baby’s feet muscles and bones are tender and soft. So, you cannot afford to put them immediately into walking shoes. It could affect the muscles and bones and also create walking deformities.

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Are hard bottom shoes good for babies?

No, hard-bottom shoes are not good for babies. Hard bottom shoes normally restrict free and flexible movement. Now, your baby is still tender, and still gaining mastery over his or her footsteps, hard bottom shoes would only make this difficult. Hard bottom shoes are meant for those that already have a firm grip on their walking steps and have already developed strong feet muscles. In fact, if your baby starts using hard bottom shoes, it could deform his or her bones and cause them to develop abnormally. Hard bottom shoes make walking uncomfortable for your baby, as they have hard soles which are not good for your baby’s soft and tender feet bones. More so, they are usually too fitted and firm. And this does not make your baby’s feet comfortable and flexible when walking in them.

What you should get for your baby is the soft bottom, flexible, and lightweight walking shoes. They do not stress your baby’s tender feet muscles in any way. They help your baby’s feet feel the ground beneath it softly and develop steadily. They are not too hard in order to allow for the flexible movement of your baby’s ankles. In all, they help your baby develop strong feet bones and good walking patterns. They are unlike the hard bottom ones that can affect your baby’s feet bones and cause a deformed feet muscle growth.

When should I buy walking shoes for my baby?

The answer to this question is not the same for all babies. Why? It is because different babies develop strong walking feet at different stages of their growth. What can be referred to as a walking shoe for a baby is the proper walking shoe which is meant for walking purposes not for developing feet muscles and walking patterns. So, you can get a walking shoe for your baby when he or she has shown proper signs of mastering his or her own steps. It would be when your baby can walk very conveniently and independently to a reasonable extent. And this would also be when your baby has reached a stage where he or she can comfortably control his or her walking steps, this will be around the same age that they will learn to allow you to brush their teeth, which is always a fun and challenging adventure!

How then can you determine whether your baby has reached this stage? You can do this by taking notes to see whether your baby can control his or her walking steps conveniently with or without his or her first walking shoes. Your baby would show signs of this when he or she can walk around the house for a sustained period of time. You can also assume that your baby has reached this stage when he or she can comfortably walk without assistance on his or her feet for a reasonable period of time. Your baby would have reached this stage when he or she can take soft and short strides. All these signs would indicate that your baby can comfortably control his or her walking steps. Once every sign is in order, you can get walking shoes for your baby.

But do not make a mistake of getting a walking shoe of the type of an older child. Though your baby has gained mastery over his or her steps, this is not the time to get him or her such shoes. It is because your baby has not reached that stage. You still need to get your baby flexible walking shoes. Avoid hard sole shoes. Rather, get soft and flexible shoes. Your baby still needs to keep developing strong feet muscles until the adult child stage.


We have done a thorough consideration of your baby’s first walking shoes. We have seen the details and intricacies involved in walking shoes for babies. Prior to this, if you felt that walking shoes for babies do not have any strong importance, your feelings should have changed by now. Walking shoes are not just for aesthetic purposes alone, they go to the root of your baby’s feet muscles and walking step development. If you want to see your baby’s feet muscles develop well and prevent injuries as well as dirt, you should get walking shoes.

More so, they help your baby to develop good walking patterns. They prevent the deformed growth of your baby’s feet muscles by remaining flexible and soft for the bones and muscles. Your baby’s feet muscles and bones are still tender, so they need a soft and flexible medium to walk in surfaces. Walking shoes perform very well. They allow your baby to feel the surface beneath his or her feet softly and get familiar with them.

As a mother, you should get quality, soft-soled, and flexible walking shoes to develop and shape your baby’s walking feet in a way you would be proud of.