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Spectra s1 electric breastmilk pump

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You are now a nursing mother, and you definitely want your baby to grow up into an healthy child. For this to happen, you would agree with me that you would have to breastfeed your baby adequately. Regular breastfeeding is essential because breastmilk provides your baby with all the nutrients needed in their right proportions. It builds up your baby’s immune system and protects your baby against allergies and sickness.

For you to be able to breastfeed your baby adequately and conveniently, you would require efficient breast pumps. Breast pumps are so efficient in their uses, as they allow your baby to enjoy breast milk even when you are not around. Your baby would have breastmilk at his or her disposal always. You would notice that I started earlier with efficient breast pumps. I would advise you to go for spectra breast pumps. Spectra breastmilk pumps are the best and most efficient out there for you as a nursing mother. They allow you to efficiently pump your breast milk and store for your baby to use anytime. They are also the best if your baby cannot suckle or latch well or hold on to your nipples well.

Safe to say, spectra breast pumps are suited for both working nursing mothers and other kinds of nursing mothers. They are ideal for solving low milk supply problems.

The Best Spectra Breast Pumps Review

The best spectra breast pumps are reviewed below


Spectra s1 electric breastmilk pump

The spectra s1 breastmilk pump is a breast pump that helps you as a nursing mother to bring out the best of your breast pumping. The pump is an hospital grade that helps you pump enough breastmilk, even to store for later uses. If you are the type of nursing mother whose baby cannot suckle well or does not hold on to your nipples well, this breast pump is very ideal. The pump has a suck and release milk pumping system which allows milk to flow well. Even if you do not have a great supply of breast milk, this pump can increase it. The pump has a natural massaging system which increases milk supply.

The pump has a top grade pump strength. The spectra s1 has a flexible digital control button, which allows you to set up the pumping process in a way that is suitable for your body makeup. You can easily adjust the rhythm and speed of the breast pump to a baby’s natural sucking imitation. The pump also has a timer- you can set according to your preference.

Key Features:

  • • 250mmHg suction strength
  • • Multiple-person usage
  • • Adjustable and flexible suction settings


  • • Brand: Spectra baby
  • • Model: Spectra s1 electric breastmilk pump
  • • Colour: Blue and white
  • • It aids better release of breastmilk through suck and release system
  • • It is lightweight to carry around
  • • Closed pumping system prevents leakage
  • Expensive


Spectra s2 electric breastmilk pump

The S2 spectra breast pump comes in a soothing pink color to create a warm and cool atmosphere for breastmilk pumping. The breast pump is ideal for your breastmilk pumping purposes, as it works quietly without any noise. It has an ultra-quiet motor that operates at 45 decibels, very noiseless! This breast pump allows you to pump milk at night with its nightlight feature. It has a suction strength of 250mmHg, which enables you to use it as a single or double pump.

Spectra s2 plus electric breast pump allows you to customize the pumping settings to suit your body conditions. It has flexible controls for you to adjust the speed and rhythm of the pump. The pump has a timer for you to set your preferred pumping time. Its closed pumping system makes it one of the best spectra breast pumps. Dirts and spillage won’t occur as the milk doesn’t flow up the tube.

Key Features:

  • • Two backflow protectors to contain overflow and prevent milk infection
  • • Ultra-quiet motor
  • • Multi- usage enabled


  • •Brand: Spectra Baby
  • •Model: Spectra s2plus electric breast pump
  • •Color: Soft pink
  • • It has a powerful motor for multiple pimping
  • • Flexible pumping system
  • • Timer to notify you when limit is reached
  • Nightlight feature drains the battery
  • Expensive


Spectra baby USA 9 electric breastmilk pump

The Spectra 9 breastmilk pump is one of the most portable breasts pump out there. Now, because it is a Spectra product, it completes a top breast pump. It weighs less than a pound which makes it very portable. More so, it can be used as a single or double pump.

The spectra 9 pump has up to ten different levels less than the s1 and s2 products, but still qualifies as an excellent pump for mothers. You can use it effectively for your primary breast pumping purposes. This pump operates quietly, as its motor makes very little noise. This gives you peace and quiet while using it. It is also rechargeable for later use. This pump has an AC adapter if you need it. It also comes with two breastmilk storage bottles.

Key Features:

  • Spectra Tubing contained
  • • Power Adapter
  • • Slim line build


  • •Brand: Spectra Baby
  • •Model: Spectra 9plus electric breast pump
  • • It pumps at efficient maximum level
  • • Storage bottles allow you store milk for later uses
  • Short warranty
  • Sensitive control buttons


Spectra Dew 350 electric breast milk pump

The spectra dew 350 is another top pump from spectra. It is one of those breastmilk pumps that are quite expensive out there. This pump has a built-in system that allows your breast to produce more breastmilk. The breastmilk pump imitates the natural suckling of your baby, the way your baby latches and suckles on your nipples. This allows much more breast milk to be produced. It also operates on a quite motor in order to disturbance to your baby while you are pumping.

This pump is just electricity powered. It has no built in battery, as you can only use the power adapter with electricity to pump. You can trust the strength of this breastmilk pump. It has a top motor strength. You can as well customize the settings to fit your body conditions.

Key Features:

  • • Filter Tubing
  • • Two Membranes for better operation
  • • Flexible pumping controls


  • •Brand: Spectra
  • •Model: Spectra dew 350 electric breast pump
  • •Color: Pink
  • • It is ideal for premature babies who need a lot of milk, as it allows mothers to build a plentiful milk supply.
  • • It has the right amount of bottles for milk storage
  • It has no massage mode
  • No digital settings display


Spectra dew 300 electric breastmilk pump

The Spectra Dew 300 electric breastmilk pump is that breast pump that would take care of both your occasional and regular milk pumping needs. Whether you are the type that pumps once in a week or up to 5 times a day, you are well covered with this breast pump. The breast pump is also ideal for both large and small breasts, as it includes breast shield sets up to XX sizes. The pump also has a quiet sound, which makes milk pumping serene, without any noise disturbance to your baby.

The Spectra dew 300 breast pump comes as a single pump, but you can use it as a double pump by adding the second breast shield. The dual pumping of this pump stimulates your breastmilk flow, especially if you have a low supply of milk. Its suck and release system does this. The pump can be used with various standard and wide-necked bottles. All components are BPA-free. With its close pumping system, the milk is safe from contaminants.

Key Features:

  • • Rhythmic pumping
  • • Long lasting piston pump technology
  • • Extremely noise-free operation


  • • Brand: Spectra
  • • Model: Spectra dew 300 electric breast pump
  • • The operation does not disturb your baby. It is quiet.
  • • It fits all breast sizes
  • • Extra soft teat for easy passage of breastmilk
  • Too weighty


NSpectra electric breast milk pump 3

The Spectra electric breastmilk pump 3 is one of the best spectra breastmilk pump. It comes with a double pump that has been widely recommended by various doctors and mothers worldwide. Along with pump comes various accessories and this allows you to pump milk anywhere, home, or away.

The pump has a double and multi strong expression system which makes your breast milk flow well, coupled with a let-down mode. The voltage of the breast milk pump is also double and strong. This enables your breast milk pump to work at maximum output in order to give you the best operation. It also prevents againsmage from electrical voltage. You are also assured of milk pumping without leakage, the pumping is a closed one.

Key Features:

  • • Double and strong Expression technology for maximized milk pumping
  • • Strong Voltage control
  • • Flexible pumping settings


  • Brand: Spectra
  • •Model: Spectra Electric breast pump
  • • Advanced pumping technology
  • • The pump is strong and durable
  • • Pumping tubes at times develop harmful moles

Buying Guide Questions

Is Spectra breast pump hospital grade?

In previous times, hospital-grade breast pumps are usually referred to as pumps that are quite large and can’t be used in hospitals. But today, hospital-grade breast pumps have entirely changed in their definitions. Any breast pump capable of initiating and supporting milk supply, capable of being used safely and hygienically by multiple users, and also capable of being used multiple times a day with an extended motor life is a hospital-grade breast pump.

It is this modern conception and definition of hospital-grade pumps that spectra breast pumps to qualify as hospital-grade. In particular, the spectra s1, s2 and, dew 350 breast pumps are referred to as hospital-grade. These pumps are capable of initiating and supporting breastmilk supply. They have mechanisms devised to do this. They are also capable of being used multiple times a day, up to eight times a day. They have strong and durable pump motors to do this. These pumps can also be used by multiple users safely and hygienically.

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So, if you are the type that has the notion of hospital-grade pumps being bulky and large breast pumps, it is high time you changed that. In fact, the Spectra s2plus breast pumps are in use in South Korean hospitals. And this supports the fact that the Spectra breast pumps are hospital-grades. If you are looking for a hospital-grade pump, just take note of whether such a pump can help milk supply, be used by multiple users, and also be used multiple times a day.

Which is better, spectra s1 or s2?

Both breastmilk pumps are both top electric breastmilk pumps; they are among the best products from spectra breastmilk pumps. They both have excellent performances. From their output and performance, one is not better than the other. These pumps are both top-notch for milk supply. They both have a compact milk pumping mechanism, which prevents leakage. The motor strength of both breast milk pumps is quality. You can pump at maximum rate. They bring the best out of your breastmilk pumping. Also, the two breast milk pumps have motors that are quiet. They operate in a serene and noiseless manner. You can also tweak the pumping settings of both breast milk pumps to the one you prefer. This allows both to be used conveniently by different persons with different preferences. Lastly, the pumps are multiple-users capable. They can also pump milk as many times a day without a dip in performance.

You can see that both Spectra s1 and s2 are top breast pumping products. It is obviously difficult to say that one is better than the other. But, notably, there is a difference. The Spectra s1 pump has a rechargeable battery that the s2 pump does not have-this battery allows you to use the pump without electricity when charged. This makes it more adaptable and portable than the s2 pump.

So, if you prefer extra convenience with the rechargeable battery, you would most likely prefer the Spectra s1 breast pump. Basically, Nursing mothers who take their breastmilk pumps along with them to work prefer the s1 because of its rechargeable battery. With this they can use it without electricity, at work. This does not mean that the s1 is better in performance to the s2. It is just the rechargeable battery, this gives you extra convenience. Both s1 and s2 are matched in performance. An alternative option which does not require any electricity at all, but requires more work, you can experiment with using a manul breast pump.

How long do spectra pumps last?

Most spectra pumps have a warranty of one year. But this does not mean that they would not last much longer than that. In fact, mothers who pump regularly and make use of Spectra hospital-grade pumps have stated that these pumps last from seven months to several years, despite frequent applications over this long period. What matters in extending the durability of your spectra breast pump is the way you use and maintain it. If you want your spectra to pump to last long, you have to use it in such a clean and hygienic way. More so, you have to keep out of your children’s reach to avoid any damage. After every use, you wash every part of the pump. For tight valves and teats, you can use a silicone nipple brush to clean up. When you do this after every use, it reduces accumulated dirt and fossils that could hamper the smooth operation of your breast pump. You could also clean the tubing and faceplate once a month to avoid any mould growth.

Insider Tip: if you effectively safeguard your breast pump in a traveling bag, they will last longer and you won’t lose any where near as many parts

All being said, a Spectra breast pump should last you long enough for your first child if you use it well and hygienically.

Do you have to wash pump parts after every use?

The washing of your breast pump parts after every use goes to the help of your breast pump durability. If you want your breast pump to last long, you have to wash pump parts after every use. When you do not wash your pump parts after every use, sediments, fossils and, dirt will start accumulating. And this would most likely affect and reduce milk supply, more so, the overall operation of your breast pump.

Accumulated dirt and fossils affect the massage and flow of milk into the milking bottles. In avoiding this, it is strongly advised that you wash your pump parts after every use. And it would allow your baby to enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted milk supply, as your pump would work efficiently well.

Do well to get a big bowl to put dirty parts after use. Then don’t let the dirty parts stay long to avoid moss or maggot developing. Such dirts become challenging to get rid of and might discolor the storage bottles and nipples. The dirts may also contaminate subsequent milk pumped if not adequately cleaned. So, it’s crucial to clean the parts after each use for proper hygiene and to avoid sickness.

What is the best way to use a spectra s2?

Actually, it can be very tasking to use a Spectra s2 at first, especially if you do not have prior technical knowledge. Well, due to a lot of settings and controls involved therein, to set up your Spectra s2 breast pump in the best way possible, you’ll need to follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1 You make sure you to assemble the backflow protector;

Step 2 Then you connect the tubing to the pump and the other end of the tubing to the backflow protector you assembled in step 1;

Step 3 Assemble the breast shield, duckbill valve and the bottles;

Step 4 You then connect the breast shield to the backflow protector;

Step 5 Then, start the pump in let-down mode using cycle 70;

Step 6 After breast milk starts flowing, switch to the expression mode in cycle 54;

Step 7 You can then continue pumping for 15 to 30 minutes until empty.

These are the steps to use your Spectra s2 breast pump in the best efficient way possible. You might be confused as to the terms. Terms like cycle 54, let-down mode, and all might be a little bit confusing. Watch this video, you would find a more straightforward explanation of those terms and further guidance.

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How many hours does a spectra 2 last?

A Spectra s2 electric breast pump can last up to an incredible 1500 motor hours before the motor starts weakening. This gives you quality breastmilk pumping time. More so, you should get a new one rather than a second-hand. This is because a second-hand one is already nearing the end of its lifespan. More so, you should know that your breast milk pump lasting long depends a lot on you too. You have to use it carefully. Do not place it within your kids’ reach. Make sure you wash thoroughly after every use. It you do these, you are good to go.

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We have reviewed the wonders of the spectra breast pumps. We have seen the help they can render to you as a mother in breastfeeding your baby. You can now bring out the best from your breastmilk pumping. Your breast milk will now flow better. Amazing! The spectra breast milk pumps are more than capable and equipped. Their systems are programmed to bring out the best lactation performance from your breast.

More so, you do not have to worry if your baby is the type that needs a lot of milk supply, and you are a working mother who does not have time to breastfeed regularly. The Spectra pumps allow you to pump an adequate amount of milk for storage and later uses. Also, if your baby cannot suckle well, you can simply switch to the Spectra breast pumps for milk supply. The Spectra breast pumps give excellent help to your breastfeeding and your baby’s overall health and upbringing. As a nursing mother, you should get one and get the best out of motherhood.