How to Get A Free Breast Pump – With or Without Insurance


Motherhood is beautiful and truly a wonderful gift that nothing could ever compare to. But behind all the laughs and sugar-coated words, let’s face it, being a new mom can be exhausting. Not just physically, mentally, and emotionally, but financially as well.

One of the most expensive things a new mother need is the right breast pump.  Yes, it is undeniably a very important and significant investment, but we know some mothers just can’t forget about the price tag of these breast pumps!

Do you really need a breast pump?

Ha! Is that even a question?

With the growing number of career women and working mothers around the world, the best answer to that is a big YES! We all know that there are tons of benefits breastmilk can offer to your little ones, and these magnificent breast pumps help every mother get the job done despite the busy schedule.

The breast milk and breast pump duo, and its benefits

Breast milk will not be referred to as “liquid gold” for no reason, right? Breast milk benefits have never been a secret to mankind, and breast milk has been proven to contain all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Basically, breast milk has everything all your babies ever need to grow healthy and strong. A more detailed discussion of the benefits of breast milk will be read in another article.

If you’re a mother who spends some time away because of work and other significant matters, breast pumps will greatly help. Through breast pumps, you’ll be able to produce a good amount of milk supply for your little one to keep them nutrient-filled even when you are away!

Free Breast Pumps

There are ways to acquire a good breast pump without spending any, in other words, getting it for free! One of the best ways is getting one through Tricare.

Getting a breast pump through Tricare

Coverage for a breast pump is totally available to all women who are eligible and who have had pregnancy and childbirth, also legal adoption with plans on personally breastfeeding. Through Tricare, you will be able to acquire a breast pump, including supplies before or after delivery.

All Tricare plans are included, including Tricare Prime, Tricare Select, the US Family Health Plan, and Tricare Reserve Select.

Secure a prescription

If you are planning to get a breast pump through Tricare, securing a prescription from a Tricare-authorized doctor or health care worker, is the first and most important thing to do. It is important that the prescription you will be getting will indicate what type of breast pump you will be using. Options include acquiring a basic pump which is a manual one, or a standard electric breast pump. Breast pump models and brands may not need to be specified.

However, if you need to get a hospital-grade breast pump due to medical or health-related reasons, other necessary requirements, such as referral and authorization, might be needed. Getting a breast pump from a specific medical suppler or another network provider will require a diagnosis code to be indicated on your prescription. Keeping a record or copy of your prescriptions is highly suggested.

Choose and get your breast pump.

When choosing a breast pump, you must note a few considerations. Guidelines for choosing a breast pump will be discussed in detail in a separate article. But the most important ones to note include portability, battery life, power source, and the type or kind of breast pump.

For those mothers who decide to pump every day or for numerous times in a day, we suggest you get a double electric breast pump. This type works well for working mothers and other busy mom out there who needs a pump to catch up with their fast-paced daily lives.

Once you have chosen your breast pump, getting it could even get easier. You can have two options, paying upfront or not. If you don’t mind paying, you may proceed to a Tricare-authorized provider or seller, make a purchase and keep a copy of the official receipt. If you are not able to pay upfront, all you need to do is secure a prescription, and you should contact your Tricare contractor or in charge and ask for them to find a network provider or supplier for you. Another option is that if you are working with a military hospital or clinic, follow their respective processes and procedures.

Filing a claim

If you happen to purchase a breast pump yourself, you just need to file a claim to have your payment reimbursed. Filing a claim is easy peasy and will surely not stress you out. All you need to do is complete a couple of forms, attach a copy of the prescription and the official receipt. Once you are able to complete the requirements, you may send or mail it to your Tricare claims in-charge.

Coverage and approved breast pumps

There is no list of specifically approved breast pumps; you may contact your a contractor in your state or region for more details.

Aside from the breast pump kit, Tricare also covers particular breast pump supplies. This includes standard power adapters, tubing, tubing adapters, locking rings, feeding bottles, bottle caps, breast milk storage bags, valves or membranes, and nipple shields or splash protectors. Some supplies, not included in the list, maybe provided when prescribed and when medically needed.

No insurance? No problem!

If you don’t have insurance or not covered by any, you don’t have to worry. You may reach out to the WIC Clinic near you and ask about the option that is best for you.


The best things in life are free, and yes, that includes breast pumps! Keeping our babies happy and healthy through breastfeeding and adequate breast milk supply is one of every mom’s top priority, and there’s no better buddy than a good breast pump. And luckily, through Tricare and WIC, mothers will be able to get a breast pump for free!