How Long Do Breast Pumps Last?

Introduction Well, how long a breast pump lasts pretty much depends on how much you use it. Understand that purchasing a new breast pump is an essential and yet costly investment. If you intend on pumping consistently or semi-frequently, then a hospital – grade electric pump should be top of your consideration in addition to … Read more

How to Switch to Baby Formula

How to start the switch To be honest, switching to the baby formula is not an overnight process; it takes time, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of patience. The switching process works best if you do it gradually, not only that your baby will have all the time they need to … Read more

When to Stop Baby Formula

What weaning means Sometimes, there is a misconception on the true meaning of weaning. Weaning does not necessarily mean getting off of milk or stopping altogether. In a real sense, weaning actually starts when your baby starts consuming any other meal aside from breast milk or formula milk. The weaning process may vary from child … Read more

How to Make Baby Food with Food Processor

Food Processor vs. Blender When making homemade baby food or making purees, the basic equipment you need is either a food processor and blender. Suppose you plan to add another piece of equipment aside from your baby formula maker. In that case, you may choose between a blender or a baby food processor; we will … Read more

How Long Does Baby Formula Last?

Formula Milk at Room Temperature We know how busy you, mothers, can be that you tend to prepare a batch of bottles at once. This is great if you are confident that your little one will be able to consume those bottles you prepared within two hours. We understand that you need keeping things on-the-go, … Read more

How to Sterilize Bottle Nipples

Introduction Most new parents stress about keeping feeding supplies squeaky clean, others get bothered on how to properly clean and sterilize them. But guess what? The sterilization and cleaning process is quite easy! In this article, we will be showing you different and most effective methods with discussions on how important the sterilization process is. … Read more

How Often should you Replace Bottle Nipples?

Introduction Of course, you can never use the same bottle nipples for the whole year. Even if your baby’s bottle nipples are well taken care of, there is still a recommended time for bottle nipple replacement. There are two main reasons why bottle nipples should be changed or replaced, changing nipple sizesand during signs of … Read more

AVENT Nipple Sizes and When to Change

The Avent Nipples AVENT nipples are undeniably the best ones out there; they have always been known to have high-quality feeding bottles and nipples. Avent Nipple Sizes There is a variety of nipple sizes with corresponding age recommendations and flow. Avent nipples are made of durable food-grade silicone that is comfortably soft, odorless, and tasteless. … Read more