How Much Clothing Does a Baby Need


With all the cute outfits available now, adding baby clothes to your cart or updating your baby’s gift registry can be very fun and ecstatic. But to all new parents or soon-to-be parents out there, don’t get too over-excited and avoid buying too many just because the design is cute or the colors are beautiful.

We all know that baby clothes and accessories look so cute and adorable, and no parent would have second thoughts when it comes to buying stuff for their little ones. But sorry to burst your bubble, moms and dads, but it is not ideal to buy too much clothing for your baby. Read on to know why and if you want to know how much clothing your baby really needs.

The kinds of clothes every parent should get

Choosing different clothes for your baby might be quite tricky; you would not want to buy a good pair of jeans or a heavy denim jacket for your baby, right? Here’s a list of the kinds of clothes every parent should get for their babies.

Bodysuits or jumpsuits

Baby bodysuits, also commonly known as onesies, are a fashion staple in every baby’s wardrobe. Parents love these bodysuits since they are easy to work with when changing a baby’s diapers and changing the whole outfit. Bodysuits have flaps or tiny closures at the crotch area. This will make diaper changing and cleaning very easy since you won’t have to undress your baby fully. The latch and closures located at the shoulder area will also help parents and babysitters during outfit change or undressing your baby for a bath. These flaps also have a more vital purpose. After a major leaky situation or a soiled bottom, the flaps let you undress your baby from top to bottom, instead of pulling the soiled jumpsuit up over the head for a more sanitary outfit change.


Rompers are not only very cute but also very comfortable for babies. That is why this kind of outfit is also a favorite. A romper called a one-piece or bubble offers both style and comfort for babies. This baby clothing also has latches and snaps at the crotch area for easy changing. Rompers are indeed stylish and fun-looking. That’s why this kind of outfit is also ideal for playdates, family gatherings, baby photoshoots, and for a quick stroll around the park during fresh and warm weather.

Pajamas or Sleepers

Sleepers or pajamas are essential for a cozy bedtime; this keeps baby warm and helps them enjoy a good night’s sleep. When buying sleepers, look for those with zippers from the neckline down to the foot area to help you during nighttime changes. This kind of baby clothing is also great for traveling, especially during the cold season.

Kimono tops

Kimono tops, aside from being stylish and good to look at, is also very comfortable for babies, especially for babies who still have a sensitive umbilical cord stump. When your baby gets older, kimono tops are also great since this is one of the many clothes that you won’t have to pull over your baby’s face when changing. This means changing will be easier with kimonos, especially if your babies are sleeping or feeding.


Bloomers are the cutest ones in your baby’s wardrobe. This baby clothing is also called a diaper cover and can easily match any clothing making it two times cuter. Both baby boys and baby girls can wear bloomers. Besides being stylish and adorable, bloomers are very comfortable, especially if your babies are wearing thick and super-absorbent diapers.

Soft pants or leggings

Leggings will never go out of style, and that’s for sure! Even as adults, leggings have made their way to our closets because of their comfort and versatility. Soft pants or leggings are great, especially when your little ones are already starting to crawl and walk. They are great for quick walks and can be easily styled. When choosing leggings, make sure always to feel the fabric. They should be soft and be sure that it won’t tug on the baby’s skin.

Beanies and hats

Hats for your babies will not only make them more stylish; it will also protect their delicate hair and head from the sun and even from the cold. Choose hats that are stretchy and comfy; this includes beanies and adjustable and soft hats.

Baby socks

Socks for your little bundle of joy is a great idea. They’re not only cute, but they also keep those tiny toes warm and comfortable. When choosing some socks for your babies, choose those with sturdy elastic so that those tiny socks won’t come off if your baby starts kicking.

Things to consider

Before buying baby clothes, there are some important things to consider. This will then help you decide how much clothes you should buy or how much your baby needs.

Babies grow fast

We all know how babies grow really fast; that is why hoarding tons of fashionable clothes during your baby’s early months is not a very good idea. Babies grow rapidly during the first year of their lives. That’s why there’s a standard of the different sizes based on age. In a span of a year, there will be many changes in your baby’s body size, which would mean not needing too many clothes in each size. It is unnecessary to have a wide range of collections in every size since your baby will never be able to wear them all. Just purchase enough amount for your baby depending on their growth rate. Remember to shop according to your little one’s height and weight.

Laundry schedule

Your laundry schedule will also matter and will determine how much clothing your baby will need. Your little one may go through three to five outfit changes in a day, and if you are someone who does laundry daily, then you might not need much. However, if you only do laundry once or twice a week, then you might need a stash that will last for your baby’s clothing changes for the whole week while the rest are still in the laundry basket. We recommend choosing baby clothes that can be washed using a washing machine.

Seasons and climate

If you live in the tropical part of the world, you only need clothes for the sunny and rainy season, which would mean not too much thick clothing but more on the breezy ones. If you are living in a place with four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn, then you will need more clothing that will be appropriate for the season. You must keep your baby warm during cold seasons and keep them feeling fresh and comfy during the summertime.

Comfort and style

Only choose and buy clothes that your baby will need and not what you would want. You must get baby clothing that will provide comfort for your babies, and the style will fit them and will be convenient enough for you when it comes to diaper changing and cleaning.

General Tips

  • Avoid clothes with buttons, decorative gems, small bows, and attached toys since they can be harmful and become a choking hazard. Also, stay away from clothes with so many long ties and ribbons that can pull tightly around your baby’s arms, legs, or neck. Make sure that there are no loose threads.
  • Choose clothes made of soft and comfortable fabric such as cotton and fleece. Make sure the hems are sewn finished, and there are no tags exposed to avoid irritation. Also, look for clothes with plastic fasteners, clasps, Velcro, or any closures that are easy to work with. Zippers are not recommended since they tend to pinch and might hurt your baby.
  • Baby clothes should be easy to get on and off since it can be challenging when dressing a constantly moving baby. Don’t choose clothes that are too tight and those without easily accessible clasps or openings.
  • When buying clothing for your little one, it is important that you pre-wash them before having your babies wear them. It is a good way to avoid rashes and irritations, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.
  • Choose clothes that have little size allowance for your baby to be able to grow in. This will not only save you money but will also allow your baby to use the clothes for a longer amount of time.


You will be able to determine how much clothing your baby needs based on the considerations mentioned above. The thrill of becoming a parent can be both exciting and challenging at the same time, and it feels the same when it comes to buying your little ones’ new clothes. Just remember to get the clothes your baby needs, those that they can be both comfortable and adorably stylish in.