Baby Bullet Recipes Your Babies will Love


The Baby Bullet is one of the many items a parent needs when making healthy and tasty baby food. Parents who are working and very hands-on definitely need something to make baby food prep much easier. This baby food maker or blender is loved by many because of its ease of operation, and it is very easy to clean too.

Making recipes and preparing baby food is extremely fun and exciting, and we know that. Additionally, with the Baby Bullet, baby food making can be smooth sailing and not that tiring. The Baby Bullet also comes with individual storage containers so that you can store baby food in the fridge. This way, you will also prepare a batch of baby food that will be good for a couple of days.

If you are looking for yummy and exciting ways to prepare food for your little ones, then you came to the right place. We have a couple of recipes in store, so read on.

Using the Baby Bullet – How to make baby food

The Baby Bullet may be one of the best things that you can own to help you make and store healthy and nutritious baby food. This blender will also produce various textures, which means you will be able to use the Baby Bullet as your baby grows older all the way when they grow to become toddlers. You can use it to make purees, and you can also use it for their first experience with solids.

Stage 1 baby food for 4- to 6-month old babies

The stage 1 baby food is meant to be given for early eaters or just something for a baby to start with. These baby foods are typically made to very thin and smoothly pureed and are single-ingredient food. They are made with healthy ingredients such as rice cereal or pureed fruits or vegetables. Stage 1 baby food is typically very easy to make.

Avocado Puree

To make an avocado puree, you need to prepare a fresh avocado and your Baby Bullet. You can add in a bit of lemon juice if you wish to preserve or store your avocado puree. There’s no need to boil or mash the avocado since it is already very soft. Just blend it smoothly with your Baby Bullet, and you are all set. Avocados are a great ingredient for baby food since they are tasty, low-allergenic, and rich in healthy fats.

Sweet Potato Puree

Another tasty and very nutritious ingredient is sweet potatoes. You can prep the sweet potato by baking or boiling so that they can become a lot softer and be easier to blend. Also, make sure that you peel your sweet potato before combining them. Once the sweet potatoes are peeled, you can puree them using the Baby Bullet while adding formula milk or breast milk to make it a lot thinner and smoother.

Rice Cereal

In making rice cereal, you will need to use your Baby Bullet in grinding the brown rice. After it has been finely ground, you will have to boil a cup of water and mix in the ground rice. Simmer it for 10 minutes while continuously stirring. You can add in formula milk or breast milk if you want to. Make sure to cool it down first before giving it to your baby.

Stage 2 baby food for 7- to 8-month old babies

The stage 2 baby foods are now a bit thicker and can be made by combining two different ingredients. These baby foods will not need to be very thin and smooth, but you have to make sure that there are no big clumps.

Pumpkin and Carrots

Pumpkin and carrots are both very healthy and can be a very yummy combination for baby food. Wash, peel, and prepare your pumpkin and carrots, and make them soft enough to blend using the Baby Bullet. You can soften them through boiling or steaming, whichever works for you. Afterward, you can start incorporating them together with the baby bullet, and you can add in formula milk or breast milk if you want to.

Mango and Kale with Ginger

This baby food might be a weird combination but trust us when we say that your babies will love it. Peel, deseed, and dice up the mango and destem the kale; make sure they are cleaned and washed prior. Make sure that there are more mangoes than kale so that the sweet and tropical taste of mangoes will cover up the leafy and earthy taste of kale. The kale should also be steamed beforehand so that it will be easier to blend with the mangoes. Blend them all in the Baby Bullet and add in a bit of freshly zested ginger.

Rice and Barley Cereal

Ground barley and brown rice separately using the Baby Bullet. Cook them with water, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes while mixing. You can add in formula milk or breast milk. You can add in minced fruits if you want to.

Stage 3 baby food for 9- to 12-month old babies

The Stage 3 baby food is generally thick with a combination of very soft and easy to chew pieces of ingredients. They tend to have more texture than the stage 1 and 2 baby food; more mixes can also be done during this stage.

Peach Rice Pudding

This is a very tasty treat for your babies and very nutritious too! You can make the peach rice pudding in two ways, and you can either blend the rice and peaches together or work on them separately by putting in the rice pudding first and topping it off with the blended peaches. To start, prepare and pit your peaches and blend them; you can add a bit of cinnamon for flavor. You will also have to work on your rice pudding by grinding white rice and cooking them. You can combine both in the Baby Bullet or add the thick peach puree as toppings. This baby food has more texture and a lot more dense.

Blueberry, Mango, and Avocado Puree

A three-ingredient thick puree can now be given to your babies in their third stage of baby food. This is very simple since all you need to do clean, remove the seeds, and chop the fruits and place them inside the Baby Bullet, and you are all set. This puree can be dense because of the combination of fruits; however, your babies will surely love the taste and benefit from the nutrients and antioxidants.

Oatmeal with Beets and Carrots

This recipe might seem complicated, but this is super easy! You need to thickly blend the beets and carrots and combine them with cooked oatmeal. Make sure that your oatmeal is already finely ground before you use them as baby food. This baby food is very filling, and the color will look vibrant, too, making your little ones in awe of their baby food.

Stage 4 baby food for babies over 12 months old

Baby food for your little ones who are now over 12 months old can now enjoy various family foods and finger foods. You can still use the Baby Bullet in making batters for your baby’s pancakes and muffins. Mashed vegetables are also great for toddlers, and you can make it by putting the ingredients into the Baby Bullet and only pulsing them rather than blending.

Can you boil the Baby Bullet containers?

The quick answer to that is no. You definitely cannot boil the baby bullet containers since they can be damaged, warped, or completely ruined. You can only wash them by hand or by using the dishwasher. They are also not microwave-safe.

Final thoughts

The Baby Bullet can help you when it comes to preparing baby food, and with this blender, you cannot only make healthy homemade baby food, you can also make them easily and a lot faster than you normally could.