Baby Hard Bottom Shoes


Getting to look at your precious little one wearing their first-ever tiny and adorable shoes is not only cute and fun but very exciting as well. Some may look at shoes as accessories, but it is always more than that; baby shoes are made to protect the baby’s feet as they try and learn to walk independently. Learning to walk will not necessarily require babies to wear a pair of shoes since having shoes on the way too early can restrict natural foot movement.

With that said, there will be an appropriate age or phase as to when babies can wear shoes and move towards walking with baby hard bottom shoes on eventually. This article will be mostly about baby shoes, what should babies’ first pair be like, when to wear baby hard bottom shoes and how these different pairs will help and keep your baby comfortable throughout the standing and walking process.

Typically, babies will need their first pair of shoes to stand and walk around to protect their tiny feet from possible hazards and injuries. However, if they are only starting to walk at the comforts of your own home, doing it barefoot will be a good idea.

Hard bottom shoes and babies

As parents, seeing your little ones all fancy and fashionable looking makes you all giddy and happy. Pretty and fancy-looking shoes will go with that; however, you might want to think and evaluate if your baby is old enough to be wearing hard bottom shoes. We hate to break it to you, but you should be more careful in having your kids wear hard bottom shoes since letting them wear them too early can harm their feet, and we will never want that.

Hard-soled or hard bottom shoes can be pretty restricting and may prevent the natural movement of those tiny feet and toes. For them to practice well, get a good grip, and develop balance, babies should be able to flex and wriggle their toes and arch their feet and hard bottom shoes, which can be quite tricky. Remember that babies’ bones are a lot softer; that is why letting them wear hard bottom shoes way too early can do more bad than good.

When should babies wear hard bottom shoes?

Experts usually recommend having your little ones wear some hard bottom shoes at 15 months of age or older, and you can leave them on for short periods or when your baby needs them too. That means that you can let them wear those only for occasions, when you go out for walks in the park or some unfamiliar pavements, to avoid sharp things from poking into your babies’ feet.

You have to put in mind that before having them wear hard bottom shoes, your little one should already be confident and skilled enough to stand and walk on their own. Always remember never to get too tight-fitting ones since that can be very uncomfortable and can even cause development problems on your baby’s feet. When you are home or just planning to have them walk inside a building or a mall, soft-soled or flexible shoes will already do great. At home, you can have them walk around barefoot; just make sure that your floors are free from sharp objects and other tripping hazards.

Are hard bottom shoes suitable for babies?

Hard bottom shoes are generally excellent in protecting those tiny feet and can be suitable for your babies if they are wearing when they are ready and already old enough to be wearing a good pair. It is imperative to give it some time and wait if you are finally deciding on getting hard bottom shoes for your baby.

If your babies are finally ready for their first hard bottom shoes, make sure that it will be a positive experience for them. You must go to a brand or store specializing in baby shoes, with highly knowledgeable staff on what type of shoes should be perfect for your little one. If you are planning to take your baby with you, make sure that they are fed, well-rested, and calm. Buying online can be a different story; however, you can be sure of the pair you are buying by choosing reputable online stores with excellent and decent reviews.

What are the best first shoes for babies?

As mentioned above, if your baby is still in the process of learning to walk, going barefoot is definitely the best option. Practicing to walk and stand barefoot helps your baby develop stronger ankles and build arches. But if they are trying to walk outdoors, you will surely want them to put some shoes on.

The first shoes that you will be getting should be sturdy yet flexible and breathable at the same time. Flexible nonslip shoes are recommended so that your babies will be able to wiggle and bend those tiny toes even with shoes. It is also essential that you get a pair that will not risk your little ones slipping or falling; nonslip leather or rubber are soles are good since nonslip shoes will significantly help your kids be more impressive and confident at walking. Comfort should also be a top priority; that is why you have to get a pair with a good deal of padding. Paddings are not only about comfort but also provide firmer but comfortable support for your babies, and they will also prevent rubbing on your baby’s feet. It is also a good idea for your babies to start on hoes that are securely fastened to ensure stability. We would not want something that slips off easily while they’re practicing how to walk.

Final thoughts

Small versions of hard bottom dress shoes and sports shoes are indeed very adorable and extremely cute. However, you will definitely have to let your children use them at the right age and at the appropriate time to avoid problems with development regarding walking, balance, and standing. Always be sure that your baby is not only stylish but also safe and comfortable as well.