Academy Slip Resistant Shoes


Academy has been known to provide and distribute high-quality shoes for work, athletics, and leisure. They have various slip-resistant shoes that come in different styles and from different brands.

Getting yourself a slip-resistant pair of shoes is vital, most especially if you are working in a fast-paced environment or walking with a baby. By wearing slip-resistant shoes, you are not only protecting yourself but the people around you as well. If you want to more about slip-resistant shoes, then read on.

How can I tell if a shoe is slip-resistant?

As mentioned above, slip-resistant shoes are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to protect yourself. We know how some slip-resistant shoes can be pretty expensive; that is why we will give you notes on how to tell if the pair you got is genuinely slip-resistant. This way, you can be sure that you spent your money on sound and helpful stuff. Here are some practical ways to recognize slip-resistant shoes:

Check the treads

Typically, shoes that are declared to be slip-resistant feature treads that you can quickly identify. These treads are specific to slip-resistant shoes, and you can easily recognize them because they are shaped like hexagons or circles. These shapes are being used since they are very effective when moving liquid out, therefore preventing slipping and falling while walking. If you look at the treads of your shoes, you might want to see smaller shapes in more significant quantities since they are generally better compared to smaller quantities in more oversized shapes.


Soles with rounded sides with flat edges are known to work very well in preventing slips, similar to how car tires work in the rain. This a super easy one since you can already identify if the shoe is slip-resistant just by looking and examining the shape of the shoe sole. Always look for pairs with round side soles, and that will do the trick.

Look at the grooves underneath.

To ensure that your shoes are slip-resistant, you can just easily identify them by looking for grooves similar to a tractor tire. The grooves in your shoes will effectively create support and flexibility while letting water flow freely underneath without being trapped effectively. Therefore, these grooves will keep you upright throughout the day, avoiding slips and accidents.

Testing the bottom of the shoes

Feeling the bottom of your shoes will also help you determine if your shoe is slip-resistant. You need to check the hardness of the bottom of your shoe. You would not want a rigid shoe as it cannot hold very well; it should be pliable and flexible enough and should be rubbery so that it will stick to the ground while you walk. You can test your shoes by walking on shiny floors such as polished wood or linoleum.

Buying online

With the situation that we are in, most people turn to buy online, and we understand that it is entirely different from being able to touch the products and see them personally. The best you can do is take a look at pictures and try to zoom in for a closer look so that you can see the details you need, such as grooves, shapes, and traction. It can also help you thoroughly read the description and what you should expect about the pair you are eyeing. Also, buy only from reputable stores such as the Academy.

Always check reviews and read the policies beforehand

Aside from reading the online reviews, you will also want to ask for reviews from friends or family that have bought from a particular physical or online store where you are planning to buy from. You can also look for reviews from other independent sites to be sure that they are not biased. Additionally, when buying online, it is also imperative that you read and understand the money-back and return policies.

Can you make your existing shoe slip-resistant?

If you bought shoes that are not slip-resistant or your shoes have already worn out. Here are some tips and tricks to make your existing shoes slip-resistant:

Nail file

Nail files are commonly found in every home. You can easily use them to scuff the bottoms of your shoes to make them slip-resistant.

Adhesives or masking tapes

For a quick yet temporary solution, you can use band-aids or masking tapes and tape it on the bottom of your shoe. These adhesives can provide the necessary grip to your shoes. These tapes can effectively prevent slips and skids.

Puff paint or glue stick

Puff paints or glue sticks are also available in your arts and crafts stash and can effectively provide a non-slip surface at the bottom of your shoes. You will just need to apply a thin and uniform coat of puff paint or melted glue stick to add roughness to the surface of your shoes to make them slip-resistant.


This technique is also a temporary yet very effective solution. All you need to do is spray hairspray at the bottom of your shoes and wait for it to dry up before you start walking in your now slip-resistant shoes.

Changing the soles

If you have the time, you can go to your local shoe repair shop or stall and have a slip-resistant sole attached to the bottom of your shoe. This might require you to spend a bit, but you will not regret it for sure.

Scuffing and roughing up the soles

Scuffing and roughing up the bottom of your shoes will give it traction, therefore effectively making it slip-resistant. You can easily do this by using sandpaper or other rough surfaces such as concrete or gravel. Just be sure that you don’t go overboard with stuffing so that you will not damage your shoes as well.

Does Academy have non-slip shoes?

Academy has all the types of shoes that you are looking for. From working shoes, sports shoes, boots, slippers, and even shoes for your toddlers and little ones. With the wide range of shoes that the Academy can offer, they indeed have non-slip shoes that can fit your style and needs. They have non-slip shoes for sports, trail and hiking, work, and even everyday or casual wear.

Final thoughts

Choosing to wear slip-resistant pair of shoes is a brilliant and good idea. Slip-resistant shoes can significantly help prevent slips and falls and effectively reduce the risk of accidents because of tripping or falling over. Getting an efficient slip-resistant pair from Academy will indeed have a positive impact on your day-to-day life. Making work and everyday errands a lot more safe and comfortable.