Birthing Chairs – Everything To Know

Birthing chair sometimes referred to as a birth chair, is a device designed to aid childbirth in an upright position. Birthing chairs are not usually used in hospitals, instead are likely to be found in home births and birthing centres. Birthing chairs are used by some people because it aids the birth of a child through gravity. A birthing stool is a birth chair without a backrest. Both the stool and chair are used for upright delivery.

Birthing chairs are supposed to provide mothers with support and balance when they want to give birth. They usually have three or four legs, with a hole in the middle. They have armrests for the mothers to grip and are not too far from the ground so she can plant her feet for stronger pushes.

Birthing Chairs

How does a birthing chair work?

By putting you in an upright position, a vertical birthing chair aids delivery by harnessing gravity, which helps the mother push with more force. Birthing chairs can speed up the time of delivery.

Traditionally birthing chairs keep the mother in a vertical position and practically immobile during childbirth. However, Modern birthing chairs and stools allow multiple upright positions, which include squatting sitting and kneeling. Birthing stools are specially made, so you may not be able to build your DIY birthing stool unless you have the expertise.

Do hospitals have birthing stools?

Birthing stools are not commonly found in the hospital, because hospitals favour giving birth on the back. However, you may request ahead of your delivery. Also, you may be put in a similar position by putting your bed in a semi-reclining position.

How do you squat when giving birth? Is it better to squat or no?

To squat when you want to give birth, you want to do the parallel squat.

Stand and place your feet between your hips and at a shoulder’s with apart. Ensure your toes are pointed forward and extend your arms forward.

Keep your feet flat, chest up and gaze forward. Lower your back by bending at the knees and hips till your thighs are parallel to the floor while maintaining the natural arch of the back. You should learn the proper way to squat with the help of your physician to ensure you are doing it correctly. Some women squat during labour, while others do so during the actual childbirth. A birthing bar is added to labour beds to assist mothers in a squatting position.

Squatting has some benefits that come when it is done correctly and under the right circumstances. It opens up your pelvis and shortens the birth canal’s depth. Squatting may reduce the need for an episiotomy, vacuum delivery and shorten the labour stage.

Ensure you know how to properly squat. Also, some physicians may not be enthused by the idea of you squatting, but will instead opt for other alternative methods of birthing. If you so desire a squatting birth, talk to you physician beforehand or look for a facility that supports and has experience in your preferred birthing position.

Why do stools have holes in the middle?

Birthing stools have a hole in the middle to help physicians to keep an eye on the whole process of giving birth. It provides access to the midwives or physicians

What is natural water birth?

Natural water birth is when you deliver or go through labour in a birth pool of warm water. It can be at a hospital, at a birthing centre or home. Waterbirth might help you ease pains and speed up labour. It is not sure if water births are safe or useful, according to doctors and may be considered as an experimental procedure that comes with risks.

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Why do we give birth lying down?

Giving birth while lying down is the most popular method of giving birth in modern times. It is thought that this is the most convenient position for the caregivers, and it also makes for easy access her belly to monitor her baby’s heart rate.


One of the downsides of birthing chairs is that you’re susceptible to tears. Birthing chairs should be used with the approval of your physician, and if they deem it too risky, it won’t be used, because a safe delivery is a priority. During labour, you can use a birthing ball for comfort and relieve back pain and decrease pelvic pressure.

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