Carnation Good Start Formulas


The Carnation Good Start formulas were very famous years ago, and many parents are still looking for this formula but have failed. Many have noticed how the Carnation Good Start is similar and almost identical to Nestle Gerber Good Start.

Infant formulas play a very important role in both parents and babies’ daily lives, which applies whether your babies are completely formula-fed or supplementing breast milk with formula. Being able to know, be familiar with, and trust the infant formula you are using is very important, and that is why we are here to give you the information you need on Carnation Good Start formulas. If you are someone who has been used to using the Carnation Good Start formula because it is what your other kids have liked in the past and you were very confident with that formula, you may have had a mini heart attack when you found out that they are out of the market.

But there is no need to panic since we found out that the Nestle Gerber ones are the same. Many parents have already used the Gerber Good Start to replace the Carnation ones, and their children had no negative reactions. If you want to learn more about Good Start Formula, then read on!

Is Good Start formula milk-based?

Good Start formula is typically milk-based and made with good quality whey protein that underwent partial hydrolyzation to provide functional digestive and immune benefits. This formula has been easily digested by babies while promoting soft stools and gastric emptying that is almost similar to breastmilk’s rate. But, if you are looking for a formula that is not milk-based, Good Start also provides a soy version that is made of plant-based protein and is lactose-free.

Did Gerber buy Carnation Good Start?

A couple of years ago, Carnation Good Start formulas were promoted by Nestle to be hypoallergenic; however, it was stopped by force since FDA started to question its eligibility due to lack of scientific support. Carnation Good Start was a brand truly loved by most parents and babies because of the great benefit it can offer. The formula was great and was also referred by many doctors during that time.

Because of the Carnation Good Start’s proven goodness, it was continued by Gerber, even though they did not manufacture it during that time. After all the necessary arrangements, hearings and lawsuit, Carnation Good Start was eventually rebranded under the Gerber brand after being purchased by Gerber.

Is Good Start formula good for babies?

Parents only want what is best for their babies, and that is a fact, so there may be a fairly good reason why parents love the Good Start formula for their little ones. As mentioned above, the Gerber Good Start formulas are made with partially hydrolyzed whey protein that helps in better and easier digestion. This formula also has immune benefits and reduces the risk of allergic reactions in babies.

Babies who have been fed with Good Start formulas have been observed to have better digestion, softer stools and lesser colic. This formula has also been proven to be closest to breast milk in terms of gastric emptying rate and other benefits. Good Start has been proven to be an ideal routine formula for all healthy term babies and can be used together as a supplement to breast milk. Good Start also produces a formula that is plant-based and derived from soy; this works great for babies who have hereditary lactase deficiency, galactosemia and those parents who want their children to be vegetarian. Being plant-based means that this formula will work for lactose-intolerant babies; the soy-based version of Good Start has also been certified as a kosher pareve.

Main types of infant formula

If you are still trying to look for a formula to best suit your little one, it would greatly help if you know the different types of infant formula milk. The Food and Drug Administration regulates those being sold or commercial infant formulas and typically comes in three major types.

Cow milk protein-based formula

This is the most common type of infant formula made with cow’s milk that has been improved and altered to be very similar to breast milk. The formula milk will be made with the right balance of nutrients and eventually cause the formula to digest easily. Infant formula derived from cow’s milk is the most popular since most babies are okay and do well on cow’s milk formula. However, there are instances where babies are allergic to proteins derived from cow’s milk, so parents might need to look for and try other types.

Plant-based formula

The most common plant-based formula is derived from soy. Soy-based formulas can be useful if you want to cancel out animal proteins from your child’s diet. This type of formula milk is also the best option if your little one is allergic is intolerant to cow’s milk or lactose. However, you still have to be careful since some babies who are allergic to cow’s milk can also be allergic to soy milk.

Protein hydrolysate formula

Protein hydrolysate formula is a type of infant formula that contains protein that has been broken down into smaller sizes. This type of formula is meant for babies who cannot tolerate cow’s milk or soy-based formulas. If your babies are allergic to the protein, you can give them extensively hydrolyzed formulas. If your babies have special needs or have specific medical conditions, your paediatrician can prescribe specialized formulas, such as low-iron formula milk.

Final thoughts

There is indeed no perfect infant formula, and you just have to pick one that will work best for your little one. And if, unfortunately, your babies will not love the first formula you have given, you can always switch from one formula to another‘. It is always a matter of patience and understanding your precious little one more.