4 Best Natural Remedies for Stork Bites in 2021

Lemon juice

Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fruit of earth vitamin E and A

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Stork bite affects newborns and adults. About five in every fifteen babies have stork bites. In most cases, nevus simplex- which is the medical term for stork bite vanishes before a child grows to adulthood. It appears on the neck, nose, eyelids, forehead, and corner of the mouth in sharp pink color.

The Best Available treatment for stork bites Are Reviewed Below

Salmon patch, strawberry mark, or angel kiss as stork bite is alternatively known forms due to the dilation of blood vessels under the skin. While it’s true that stork bite is not harmful, it sometimes remains until adulthood. Although stork bites fade for most young ones before growing up, it remains permanently for some.

At times it can spread widely across the face and impact on the self-esteem of individuals with it. Of course, it’s a form of birthmark that many find beautiful while some don’t. Majorly clinical removal of stork bite is common using laser treatment. However, a couple of procedures using some products can also gradually reduce stork bite and make it fade away.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice has lightening components that reduce the color of stork bite gradually. Lemon juice contains citric acid that lightens the pinkish discoloration of the salmon patch. Most users who have tried this method attest to the fact that it takes time. Usually, fading a birthmark is not possible overnight. It requires constant use for about eight weeks and above.

The juice should be applied on the stork bite for about 25 to 30 minutes at least two times daily. Then rinse It off using warm water. Repeating this process is essential to eradicating the mark. Always remember never to overuse lemon juice to avoid irritation. If skin irritation surfaces, stop or reduce the quantity of lemon juice.

Getting a good result depends mostly on patience and consistency. It’s advisable to let the lemon juice dry before washing it off.

Key Features:


  • Brand: ReaLemon
  • Model: Lemon juice
  • 100% Natural
  • Easy to apply
  • Can cause skin irritation


Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent softener. The Pompeian virgin olive oil is pure and undiluted. It’s different from other conventional olive oil that triggers allergy for many persons. Stork bites are sometimes thick, using oil olive softens the surface, and gradually, it reduces in thickness. As the thickness reduces, the color starts to fade.

Get cotton wool and use it to dab some oil on the spot. You can leave it for about 25 minutes, then rinse it off or let it dry. Both ways will bring good results. Like the olive oil method, using olive oil requires patience since it takes time to see the outcome.

Key Features:


  • Brand: Pompeian
  • Model: Olive oil
  • Softens the skin
  • Nice aroma
  • 100% natural
  • Possible allergy


Fruit of earth vitamin E and A

.Forit of the earth is rich in vitamin E. It’s an ideal antioxidant that can reduce the growth or size of stork bite. Applying this cream on spots gradually reduces the discoloration of the salmon patch. The usage of this vitamin E richh cream comes with caution to prevent skin irritation of any sort.

It’s true that while some see stork bite as beautiful, some do not. When it forms on the face of an individual, the urge to get rid of it fast can be intense. However, patience is necessary because the result takes time. Most stork bite on the eyelid is swollen; it’s vital to be careful when applying to avoid contact with the eyes.

Stork bite at adulthood would have grown thick over time. So, continuous application of the vitamin E cream which also has a good percentage of vitamin A will gradually work to reduce it. Sometimes, mixing it with orange oil could give additional effect.

Key Features:


  • Model: Fruit of the earth
  • Brand: Vitamin E cream
  • Softens the skin
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Possible skin irritation


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Iodine solution is another good recommendation that works well to lighten stork bite. Iodine solution, when used over time, will cause the mark to flake off gradually. It’s advisable to use this solution twice a day on the mark before rinsing off after 20 minutees. Repeatedly doing this will prove helpful.

Applying iodine requires caution to avoid irritating another free area of the skin. If the stork bite appears on the face, avoid iodine contact with the eyes. Overall, do not use the iodine solution intermittently. Endeavor to stick to a routine of twice a day.

Additionally, using cotton wool to apply iodine on the spots is best to avoid regular contact with your fingers.

Key Features:


  • Brand: J-crows Lugols
  • Model: Iodine
  • Fades off skin discoloration
  • Reduces the thickness of stork bites
  • Possible skin irritation
  • Allergy causing odor

Buying Guide Questions

You, like many others, have questions about stork bite. You wonder if it’s harmful, permanent, or removable. This section will answer entirely possible questions you may have.

Can You use Olive oil for Stork Bite?

Yes, olive oil is an excellent natural treatment for stork bite. It contains antioxidants with good moisturizing power. It helps to lighten the color of stork bite and reduces its thickness. Although not a medical treatment, some have used olive oil for stork bite and attested to the positive effect. Of course, it doesn’t do an overnight job, but instead, it takes continuous usage to see results.

Most stork bite in adulthood may take a long time to remove. Usually, the use of oil in treating salmon patch takes many months, but it will eventually start to fade.

A significant reason why many subscribe to the use of olive oil is because of its 100% naturalness. The use of laser and other medical surgeries to remove stork bite is costly for some and scares others. Mostly, after the age of three, salmon patch or stork bite disappears on the skin of a child. In cases where the spot remains, after the age of five and above, the best treatment for young ones is the use of natural olive oil.

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How to treat an itchy stork bite?

An itchy stork bite is familiar with young ones. Most adults don’t get the itchy sensation. Itchy stork bite or salmon patch doesn’t have any known or approved remedy. Most health professionals encourage parents to visit a doctor with their child to affirm the possible cause of the itchiness. Sometimes, something else could be the cause and not the presence of a stork bite. Some homemade remedies could work in this instance or the above-listed treatment. The use of banana peel, tomato juice, or a mild cream reduces itchiness. Lemon juice, honey, olive oil, and iodine are possible remedies to itchiness.

Mothers do well to see a doctor before applying any substance on the sensitive skin of a baby. While adults might try home remedies without giving it a second thought, babies have sensitive and delicate skin. For young ones, reducing the length of their nails would be ideal such that they do not inflict bruises on themselves with long nails while scratching an itchy stork bite, most notably for the stork bites on the eyelid.

How to lighten angel kisses?

Angel kiss or a stork bite on the face fades naturally. Sometimes, however, removing the pinkish or reddish would involve working on the blood capillaries in such an area of the body. The laser therapy is a way of doing it medically. Pulsed dye laser or diode laser, when employed, will reduce the discoloration and reduce the angel kiss drastically.

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Another way to fade an angel kiss is by using tree tea oil or iodine. Olive oil and look lemon juice can also fade the color of stork bite. Although as much as it’s possible to fade stork bites using homemade remedies, it will take a considerable amount of time. Fading a stork bite will take time, it’s essential to keep this in mind. The lightening process will gradually take effect. At first, there may seem to be no difference even after weeks of consistent use. Do not give up just yet; the fading of the stork bite color will be mildly reduced. Most times, though, the growth of hair will conceal the ones at the back of the neck.

What causes Stork Bites in Babies?

About four in every ten Caucasian infants are affected by stork bite. Although for infants with darker skin, they are not prone to it as much. It emerges in different forms and parts of the body. At times it appears as a small dot while it spreads across the face, forehead or neck. It may cover an ample space. The cause of stork bite is due to the dilation of some blood vessels. That’s why it turns dark when the body temperature changes or when ice is touches it. When a baby cries, the color becomes dull also.

The cause of stork bite or angel kiss is challenging to tell. However, most cases of stork bites are hereditary. Babies inherit it from parents most especially. Parents should never think that stork bites cause any disease or illnesses. Even when stork bite makes the eyelid swollen, it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to the child. It’s completely harmless and can sometimes fade before the age of four. Ensure never to judge too quickly, don’t assume that every skin discoloration is a stork bite. Other harmful skin problems might look similar, and this will require a doctor’s examination to determine what exactly is wrong.

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Are Stork Bites Dangerous? Are they dangerous?

No, stork bites are not dangerous. It’s harmless and fades away naturally. You might wonder; if a stork bite that doesn’t fade could be harmful. The simple truth is that, at any stage, a stork bite is entirely harmless. Some people sometimes mix port- wine stains with a stork bite. Are they the same?

Stork bite vs. port-wine stain

Stork bite and port wine stain are similar in the early stage of appearance, but the difference becomes visible later on. Port-wine stain with a medical term- nevus flammeus occurs like a stork bite. It has purple to reddish color at birth, but instead of fading off like stork bite, it grows permanently on the skin. While stork bite fades away, port-wine stain stays throughout a lifetime unless it gets treated.

Indeed, Naevus simplex- (stork bite medical term) can also linger for a long time on the skin. Still, it has a higher probability of fading gradually as the individual l having it grows. In both cases, seeing a doctor ensure the correct diagnosis is a reasonable step. It helps to avoid looking for a treatment for a wrong self-diagnosis. Health care facilities have treatment options for both cases.

What causes a stork bite?

Naevus simplex, salmon patch or angel kiss, are alternative names for a stork bite. It is a pigmented birthmark that results from stretching of blood vessels in parts of the body like; forehead, back of the neck, lips, eyelid, and eyebrows. Stork bite in adulthood occurs due to its failure to fade away at a tender age. It may not increase in size as the individual grows, but it remains instead of clearing off.

Is stork bite and Hemangioma the same?

Stork bite vs.Hemangioma remains a subject that many want answers. Hemangioma is similar to, but not the same thing with stork bite. Put merely, hemangioma occurs when blood vessels grow at the same point. It starts as a flat pink dot but later starts to swell and increase in size.

It may not appear at birth but later on can develop on babies as a result of the growth of excess blood vessels. Although a bit different from stork bite, it also vanishes in most cases without the need for treatment.


Stork bites or salmon patches are best left to fade naturally. However, stork bite peeling can be necessary if it disfigures or makes an individual feel uncomfortable. Remember to use the treatment remedies reviewed in this article and do not forget the importance of persistence and patience. Stork bite takes time before it peels off completely or reduces in color. Medical care is another option worth exploring to have a stork bite removed. In all, stork bite is not harmful or ready.