Partanna Olive Oil – Every Day and Extra Virgin Oil [Review]

Partanna olive oil gets its name from the city Partanna in Sicily, Southern Italy. The olive oil is made from the Nocellara del Belice olives. Partanna olive oil is awarded the best olive oil on Earth. Partanna olive oil is a product of the Asaro family in Sicily, and they started production since 1916 and has won two gold medals for being the best olive oil in the world.

Partanna olive oil is a monovarietal oil that is cold-pressed as soon as the olives are picked in the middle of October to give you that premium extra virgin taste and goodness. The olive oil is bottled in dark tins immediately, which keeps the olive oil fresh.

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Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Partanna olive oil bottle comes in various sizes. The most popular is the Partanna olive oil 3-litre bottle due to its size, it is a favourite for chefs and Italian cuisines.

Key Features

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 100% Nocellara del Belice olives


  • Brand: Partanna
  • Model: Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Has a rich flavour
  • Best quality extra virgin olive oil
  • Low acidity


  • Pouring from the can may get messy

Partanna Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Litre Can Pack of Two

If you want a smaller size of the extra virgin oil, you can opt for this. The Partanna extra virgin olive oil also comes in 500 and 750 ml.

Is Partanna olive oil good?

Partanna olive oil won the award of best olive oil twice; this points to the fact that the olive oil is indeed good. It is cold-pressed to retain all the natural goodness, nutrients, taste and aroma of the Nocellara Belice olives. Partanna olive oil has an exquisite and rich flavour, with hints artichokes and almonds, with a bit of peppery finish.

The Partanna extra virgin olive oil is very low in acidity, and is very good for cooking, dipping and can be used for finishing too.

Is Partanna olive oil authentic?

Partanna olive oil is made from freshly picked olives from their estate in western Sicily. As an attestation to its authenticity, the extra virgin olive oil was tested at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, which largest and most prestigious olive oil competition in the world. It was at this competition the oil was labelled the best olive oil on Earth among about 700 different oils, after being judged by a panel of experts.

What brand of olive oil is best for dipping bread?

Bread is not exactly dipped in olive oil because of the obvious hygiene concerns. Imagine someone dipping bread in olive oil putting the bread in their mouth and dipping the remaining dough in oil again, not a pretty sight right? Instead, olive oil is poured on the slice of bread.

Bread and extra virgin olive oil is a great Italian recipe, and the only oil that can be used is extra virgin olive oil. The brand of olive oil for dipping bread depends on you, and your pocket. Extra virgin olive oil has a smooth, taste and is an excellent blend of various flavours which gives your taste buds an exquisite treat. Partanna extra virgin olive oil has a unique mix of flavours that makes it suitable for bread dipping.

Which brands are fake olive oil?

A lot of olive oil is fake. Some companies that produce olive oil are known to be frauds or have been accused of producing fakes. Some producers mix olive oils from different harvests, which ends up giving a low-quality olive oil because one of the oils is older than the other.

Low-quality olive oil has been stored for long and has begun to oxidize, losing taste and its benefits. Fake olive oil can also be the oil of lower quality than it is stated to be. Some of the brands known to sell fake olive oil and or low-quality olive oils are Carapelli, Pompeian, Primadonna, Mezzetta, and Mazola.

Why you shouldn’t cook with olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is said to have a lot of health benefits and is often favoured in place of the conventional cooking oil. However, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t cook with olive oil.

  • The omega fatty acids in the olive oil and the polyphenols that help protect the heart will is destroyed by heating.
  • Olive oil gives off toxic smoke as you begin to heat it because it has a low smoking point compared to some other cooking oils.
  • Pure and authentic olive oil is expensive. A lot of olive oils are frauds, and you may be cooking with processed oil.


Partanna extra virgin oil is an excellent olive oil, and it is worth it. It is excellent for cooking, dipping and dressing. You can try out the Partanna extra virgin olive oil 34-ounce and see if you’ll enjoy the richness of the oil.

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