5 Best Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strips in 2021

Exploro highly sensitive breast test strips

Pregmate Alcohol Breast milk strip

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Breast milk is vital to the growth of every newborn, so mothers should choose what they consume carefully. While pregnant women are strongly advised against alcohol intake, breastfeeding mothers may take alcohol but with caution and in moderation. Alcohol disturbs the sleep pattern of babies and affects their early development.

Alcohol test strips help mothers to know when its safe to breastfeed after consuming alcoholic beverages—of course, guessing when it would be safe to breastfeed after a drink is simply putting a baby’s health in jeopardy. The use of breast milk alcohol test strips is essential in this regard to ensure healthy milk for babies.

There are a couple of excellent and efficient alcohol test strips, and each will be analyzed to enable you to have your pick.

The Five Best breast milk alcohol test strips reviewed below


Exploro highly sensitive breast test strips

.Breast milk testing is essential when a breastfeeding mom consumes alcohol. Alcohol is never good for the health of young ones. Well, enjoying a little alcoholic beverage isn’t a crime; the caution is to make sure babies don’t suck some of it while breastfeeding. One way to be sure of when to feed your baby after a drink is to use the exploro test strips. The exploro breast milk test strips change color after 2 minutes to serve as an indicator that shows if you can breastfeed your baby or wait for a little.

Don’t use the common guessing technique to avoid risking the health of your precious little one. Exploro test strips are 20 pieces, and each will detect even the slightest amount of alcohol in your body. And that is why even when you feel good or feel since your consumption of alcohol was hours ago, the strips will detect even the smallest amount that won’t affect you. It’s sensitive ensures babies feed safely.

Simply pump some breast milk in a clean container and dip one strip for 2 minutes to see a change in color. Look for what the color indicates in the chart provided and see just how much time you should wait for the alcohol to clear out so you can start breastfeeding again. The strips are very accurate and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • 20 Test strips
  • Indicator chart


  • Brand: Exploro
  • Model: Highly sensitive breast test strips
  • Fast result
  • Color description chart
  • Easy to use
  • Color chart might be missing


Pregmate Alcohol Breast milk strip

With ten testing sticks, you can enjoy alcohol consumption in moderation. Breastfeeding is vital, but it doesn’t stand in the way of enjoying an occasional bottle of a favorite wine. The strips are very sensitive and can detect up to 0.02 alcohol in breast milk. Simply pump some breast milk in a container and dip a piece in it for a few seconds. The chart attached is in a color grade of light blue to dark blue. Slight alcohol presence will turn the strip light blue, and the higher the concentration, the deeper the blue color. When the color of the strip doesn’t change, it counts as the absence of alcohol.

The breast milk pumped to test will best be done away with and not used again. Remember never to pump out breast milk thinking it will remove alcohol within the body system faster. Alcohol that spreads to the breast will fade at the same time it leaves the bloodstream.

Mental calculation of when alcohol will clear from the breast is never accurate, and it will keep you second-guessing. However, the best way to be sure is to employ the use of pregmate alcohol breast milk strip to give the needed assurance.

Key Features:

  • Chart indicator
  • Color grade
  • Ten sticks


  • Brand: Pregmate
  • Model: Alcohol Breast milk strip
  • Easy to use
  • Fast result
  • May require more time to get an accurate result



Papabli gives very high accuracy and easy to use strips. Take the guessing game out of your mind and do a reassuring breast milk test. Being medically approved, you can trust it to give the best result. When it comes to alcohol and breastfeeding, there has long been a debate about whether the former affects the latter. Of course, if a mother breastfeeds her baby shortly after a drink, the baby is at risk of the adverse effects of alcohol. The papabli breast milk testing strip helps you to know when it’s safe to breastfeed after a drink.

It’s easy to use. The strips are twenty-five in all, and each is capable of changing color when it detects even as low as 0.02 alcohol in breast milk. A little amount of milk in a cup is enough to test. Dip a strip in the milk and wait for two minutes or a little more for the color to change from white to different shades of blue that denotes the degree of concentration. If the strip remains white, then the milk is neutral.

Always use the chart to know the level of concentration and just how much time it takes for your level of alcohol to leave the body system.

Key Features:

  • Chart indicator


  • Brand: Papabli
  • Model: Papabli
  • Medically approved
  • Easy to use
  • Fast result
  • May take time to get an accurate result


Upsring Baby Milkscreen alcohol testing strips

Upspring is a top leading alcohol breast milk testing product with over ten million units sold. It has won the trust of many mothers to tell when it would be dangerous to breastfeed. It accurately measures the concentration of alcohol in the breastmilk, which may risk the overall wellbeing of a baby.

It’s easy to use, get a container free of water or any foreign liquid substance, then pump some breast milk in it such that one of the twenty pieces of the strips will test for the alcohol concentration of the milk. An alternative way is to drop some breast milk on the strip. For both methods, wait for 2-3 minutes to get the right result.

You can make a purchase using your FSA/HSA card.

Key Features:

  • Chart indicator


  • Brand: Upsring
  • Model: Baby Milkscreen alcohol testing
  • Trusted by millions of users
  • Includes an explanatory chart
  • Easy to use
  • It loses color overtime


One step Breast Alcohol screen detection

Maybe mothers don’t have to worry much on occasions that call for celebration with beer and wine. Yes, it’s not wrong to enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks times. But of course, breastfeeding a baby at such a moment is not in any way beneficial to the baby.

Use the alcohol breast-milk testing strip to know the concentration of it in your body system. It will indicate the different color intensity on the chart and show the amount of time to wait before breastfeeding. Do not guess, endeavor to do a test to be one hundred percent sure.

The strip takes about five minutes to detect, after dipping it into pumped breastmilk or dropping some on it. After the stipulated time, the color changes according to the degree of alcohol present while it remains unchanged if none is present.

Key Features:

  • Color chart indicator


  • Brand: One step
  • Model: Breast Alcohol screen detection
  • Easy to use
  • Explanatory chart with color levels
  • Accurate detection
  • It may be faulty sometimes
  • The color reading may be confusing

Buying Guide Questions

This section answers numerous questions concerning breast milk and alcohol intake. Read every part with utmost concentration to get full insight into how you should give attention to your alcohol consumption and breastfeeding pattern.

How long does alcohol stay in breastmilk?

Alcohol consumption is not wrong for breastfeeding mothers, but excess alcohol in breast milk, no matter how little, can change the sleep pattern of babies and mess with their growth.

The period in which alcohol stays in breast milk is dependent on various factors such as quantity consumed just like supplements, rate of metabolism, and weight.

Volume consumed

The volume of alcohol consumed usually determines how long alcohol stays in breast milk. A bottle of an alcoholic beverage or two cups is evident within an hour of consumption; it is highest in this period. However, after 3 hours, it would have cleared from the body system.

The time interval between a drink and the period when it clears from breast milk is not the same in all scenarios. For example, when a breastfeeding mother drinks more than a bottle or two cups, the time it takes to clear increases. It merely means two bottles of beer or four cups will take five or six hours to remove from the breast milk, and the trend goes on.

The rate of metabolism

The rate of metabolism is different for each person. It means the body system breaks down alcohol faster than each other. Given this, if it takes three hours for alcohol to clear off the body system of a mother, it might take longer for another. Usually, the way out is to use one of the best breast milk alcohol test strips after waiting for the stipulated period. Some times, it’s also best to wait an extra hour or two to be sure. The additional waiting time ensures any residual alcohol fades off.

The weight or size of the body

The weight of the body or size also determines how long alcohol stays in the body. Many a time, the bigger the body size, the longer the alcohol stays in the system. The water content in the body varies for each individual. The higher the water content, the faster alcohol clears off the body system.

Does alcohol change the color of breast milk?

The color of breast milk varies. It can be yellow, blue, orange, brown, or black. The color of your breast milk should not scare you. Diet is the primary determining factor of breast milk color. There is no strong connection between alcohol use and breast milk color change. Of course, yellow breast milk can be the closest answer since fruit juice can give the milk a yellowish color. Additionally, some other fruits and few vegetables also influence the color of breast milk. As mentioned earlier, there are other reasons for the color change.

Red or pink

Red or pink breast milk is simply due to the color of food eaten. Naturally, red or pink foods will affect what the breast produces. Breast milk takes the color of the meals you eat at times. So, seeing red or pink milk shouldn’t bother you too much.

At times though, blood can get into breast due to rupture in the nipple or blood vessels in the breast. It should not freak you out, this happens sometimes, and unless the color deepens or continues for days, seeing a doctor may not be necessary.

Insider Tip: you can store expressed breast milk in milk trays for easy of consumption later


Black breast milk is alarming. It shocks most mothers, but it’s not harmful. It sometimes because of residual or little blood still in your breast. Sometimes it depends on the type of medication a mother is taking.


Blue breast milk is common when a mother eats lots of green vegetables. The food dye in these meals affects the original clear or slightly yellow color of beast milk.

In all, the color of your breast milk should not make you panic, think about the recent meals you’ve had and if the situation persists, see a doctor.

How can I get alcohol out of my breast milk faster?

Mothers shouldn’t consume alcohol and breastfeed their babies. Many know this, and due to this, they look for fast ways to rid their body of alcoholic content. A popular wrong technique is to pump and dump. It means a mother who takes alcohol will get a breast pump and start to release breast milk, thinking it will reduce the alcohol content in her body. This method of pump and dump doesn’t work. Alcohol will only leave your breast milk when it has cleared from your bloodstream. While a mother might look for fast ways out because she feels the urge to feed her child, it is unsafe—the best way out to plan before taking a drink.

Remember always to pump some breast milk in clean storage bottles before grabbing a bottle of beer or glass of wine. When you do this, the baby will have enough to feed on before the alcohol in your bloodstream regularizes, and it’s safe for you to breastfeed. To make this plan is vital to the health of your baby. You wouldn’t feel rushed or tempted to feed your baby with alcohol still in your body. As you wait for a few hours, the pumped breast milk will be available for your baby to feed.

Always remember to wait for hours after taking a drink, and don’t try to look for fast ways to eradicate alcohol out of your body. Be patient enough to wait, and never forget to plan before you drink. Lastly, the use of breast milk testing strip is essential to be on the safe side.

Insider Tip: if you are unable to clear the alcohol from your system in time, you can always prepare formula using a formula processor or dispenser

How much alcohol actually gets in breast milk?

The amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is also present in breast milk. Understanding this is vital to avoid unnecessary panic. Let’s create a scenario. A breastfeeding mother attends a party and drinks a beer with 10% alcoholic content. She will need to take up to four or five cups within the hour before her body alcohol level rises to about 0.8percent. At this stage, the alcohol level in breast milk is so also the same as the body contents, which is 0.8 percent. A lot of alcohol gets into the breastmilk, just as much as is in the bloodstream. As the level drops in the body, breast milk also experiences a gradual reduction. It drops in the ratio of approximately 0.1 percent every hour. The gradual decline spreads to the breast too. After a few hours, the body will be completely free from all the traces of alcohol, and the same applies to breast milk.

A mother’s discretion is essential when drinking. Watch the quantity consumed and the alcohol strength of the drink.

How do you know if your breast milk has alcohol?

The alcohol content of your breastmilk is easy to know. If you consume alcohol, you should understand that some stay in your body for some time until metabolism occurs. The difficulty there is knowing when the alcohol content reduces or vanishes completely. As a breastfeeding mother, you most likely want to know when it will be safe again to start breastfeeding your baby. Guessing is dangerous, and visiting a healthcare center may see seem too much. However, it is essential to say that if you are too scared, visiting the healthcare center is not wrong; it gives you peace of mind and assurance. You can ask for an alcohol test, especially if you drank heavily or too much.

If it’s merely just a few cups of beer, going to a health care facility for alcohol tests is needless. Especially if you frequently take in moderation. You wouldn’t want to do a clinical test every week or every time you have a few cups of alcoholic beverages. The best way to get around this without fear is to wait for a period and use any of the best breast milk alcohol test strips available. The test strips can detect as low 0.2 alcohol in breast milk. There are different types of test strips, and they function differently. While some read negative or positive, some breast milk test strips change color after 2 minutes of detecting alcohol in breast milk. The test strips are easy to use and give fast results to provide you with peace of mind.

It’s best always to follow the directives on the breast milk alcohol test strips to ensure total safety. When the test strips change color, it signals the presence of alcohol in your breast milk.

Are breast milk alcohol test strips accurate?

Many breastfeeding mothers who enjoy alcoholic beverages attest to the helpfulness of test strips in knowing the alcohol level of their breast milk. Although sometimes it’s possible to purchase faulty ones or hard to read types. Before using any test strip, testing the potency is essential before use.

To test the potency, get a beer or an alcoholic wine and pour some in a container, then dip in the test strip to see there will be any changes in the color. The test strip must change to blue or any color that indicates the presence of alcohol for the product. If the test strip changes in color, it means the pack of strips will work well. And if it doesn’t change in alcohol, then the strip pack is not suitable for use. Testing the strips this way assures you that the breast milk alcohol test strips will give you the desired result and complete rest of the mind.

A couple of health care practitioners have questioned the accuracy of breast milk test strips. Some even say it’s not necessary, and mothers should just stay away from alcohol. However, the total abstinence from alcohol might be hard for some mothers. Given this, the American pediatrics advises a moderate drinking pattern. The bottom line is to drink in moderation and learn how to be patient. Patience will help you to wait for the alcohol to clear from your bloodstream totally before resuming breastfeeding duty. Then, do not always forget to pump your baby’s milk in advance in a storage bottle such that the baby can feed while waiting for alcohol level in you to metabolize wholly.


As you take on the responsibility of breastfeeding and taking care of your precious lovely young one, take the right precautions. If staying away entirely from alcohol seems impossible, do well to be prudent as you enjoy your favorite brand of alcoholic beverage. Do not forget to wait for hours after drinking and, most importantly, purchase breast milk alcohol test strips to check your breast milk alcohol level. Do not guess; it might be dangerous and unsettling. Instead, just test to assure yourself. Use the buying guide above to purchase excellent quality breast milk test strips.

Insider Tip: there are premium hospital grade breast pumps and even manual breast pumps you can easily use which will greatly help