Crocs Shoes for Babies


Crocs shoes have been insanely famous over the years and have become a shoe staple for some families. They are known for their big-faced shoe design that comes in a wide range of colors, and you can add in some small rubber designs. Many people are now wearing these colored and funky shoes, especially now that celebrities are wearing them. And because these fun and quirky-looking shoes are getting around everywhere, they have been getting a lot of attention and coverage as well. That is why many people, especially parents, have been asking: are Crocs good for your feet? Are they okay to be worn by babies and kids?

This post is about the oh-so-famous Crocs shoes and all you might want to know about them. So if you want to know the answers to those questions, then read on.

The season for Crocs?

Crocs are usually worn during the summertime since these shoes are made of rubber and are waterproof, fairly easy to clean and dry up. They are also famous alternatives to sneakers and are a better option compared to going around barefoot. Nowadays, many people also consider Crocs shoes a fashion statement and something that you can pair with any casual and fun outfits. Crocs are known to be fashionably colored bright and some with stylish and fun prints. That is why they are also fun to wear during the spring and summer when you can freely wear bright and vibrant colored clothes to pair with your colorful Crocs as well.

But for some who like to wear Crocs inside their homes, they indeed have a longer duration of time to wear Crocs. If you do this with your kids, it is important to know if it would be okay for your kids to wear those during most of the day.

Are Crocs good for babies and kids?

We know how tempting it is to have your little ones wear some adorable clothing and cute shoes too. Podiatrists all have varied opinions on how Crocs will work for your kids and younger children. There have been stories of injuries on children wearing Crocs and some who had trouble walking; however, there are stories of comfortability. So it is generally safe to say that Crocs are both good and bad; you just may need to understand how it will work best for your kids. Below, we will be showing you the benefits and drawbacks of Crocs for your precious little ones.


Crocs are generally slip-resistant, so your kids can wear them during summer outings and pool parties. These shoes are specially made with non-slip treads and can be safely worn indoors as well.

  • Being rubber shoes designed with big and many holes, Crocs shoes are breathable. The breathable holes in the shoes and can work for both warm and wet weather. During the warm season, Crocs let your kids’ feet breathe to avoid too much sweating. When their feet may get wet in the rain, they can also air-dry through the breathable holes of the shoes. This feature can help avoid and prevent foot conditions such as rashes and even Athlete’s foot.
  • Wearing Crocs is so much better than going barefoot. With a durable and thick sole, Crocs can protect those tiny feet from rocks, shards of glass, and other debris on the ground.
  • Crocs are designed to be an easy on and easy off pair. Therefore, they are generally great for children who still have a hard time working with shoelaces. Crocs can also be customized to look more fun and adorable.

  • Crocs can also offer a bit of foot support for your children but not as great compared to traditional sneakers, athletic shoes, or support shoes. So they should be worn for only a short period of time, especially for younger children.


  • Experts have said that Cross can cause your babies’ bodies to overcompensate since this type of shoes can let your little one tend to wobble back and forth due to an unstable heel. It can cause nail problems, callouses, tendinitis, and other things.
  • Crocs are known for their wide style, so they tend to have a loose fit. They are generally wide for most kids; that is why they result in unstable walking and might even cause blistering and excessive toe gripping.
  • Podiatrists have also made a statement on how Crocs can impair important neurological functions. The bottoms of the feet have multiple nerve receptors that communicate with the brain to transmit sensations, stimulate muscles, and, most importantly, maintain balance. There are materials in this type of shoe that are too soft and lightweight that may blind the receptors on the feet, resulting in loosing balance and can cause your child to trip and fall.
  • Crocs tend to lack support on your child’s wobbly feet, so they are not very ideal for long walks and for a long period of time.
  • If you have planned a day with your kid to involve more running and playing, Crocs may not be a very good idea for that. Crocs are typically not a good pair to be used for physical activities. The lack of support and too much flexibility and easy-on, easy-off feature of the shoes can make your child more prone to ankle sprains when running around.
  • Crocs can not be worn on cold winter days since they cannot provide enough protection on your child’s feet from the cold and snow. Indeed, Crocs are generally better than going barefoot, yet they do not offer enough protection compared to normal shoes. That is why they will not give those tiny feet much protection from other elements such as bigger rocks and the snow.

Should your baby wear crocs?

Crocs are not all that bad with those bright colors, fun designs, and the wide toe box. You can let your little ones wear a pair of Crocs; just make sure that they are being held or supervised when walking. Additionally, do not let your kids wear crocs for a long time, especially if they tend to run or play around more. You can allow your little ones to wear Crocs but not for extended periods. As long as your children do not have foot issues and do have a bit of control around the lower extremities. Wearing crocs and owning a colorful pair is something that your kids should also experience; you just have to look after them and make sure that they are comfortable and fine while wearing them.

Final thoughts

It is true that Crocs are very cute and fun to look at especially when they are worn by cute and adorable little children too. You can also pair these shoes with many type of colorful outfits as well. However, wearing Crocs is not generally recommended for younger children who are still having a hard time walking and standing independently. However, it can be a great addition to their fashionable wardrobe, and you can let your little ones wear them if they will be on a stroller or be carried around most of the time. As parents, you will always want the best for your kids, and you will always want to avoid clothes, shoes, and other items that will put them at risk for injuries. Just the best for your little ones!